Steve Vogel: your Liberal is showing

by:  Diane Benjamin

Saturdays are more amusing since Steve Vogel started writing editorials.  He can not hide who he really is anymore.  Back when he was on the radio he did a much better job of covering.  I’d hate to think he used to be a conservative but aged into a liberal – usually it’s the reverse.  Normally people grow up and develop the ability to think for themselves.   They quickly realize that government runs amok unless kept in a cage.  Steve is now all for out of the cage.

I’ve never met Carlo Robustelli.  He moved to town and quickly got himself appointed to the County Board.  One would think that living quite a few years in the community and understanding the people would be a requirement for serving, but alas it wasn’t.  He reminds me of all the people who flee California because of high taxes, ridiculous laws,  and over regulation and head to Texas freedom.  Once settled, they attempt to remake Texas into what they fled.

Carlo is trying out his techniques on the County Board.  He doesn’t believe in “cut and gut”.  What’s the alternative?  Increase taxes of course!  Carlo, your New York is showing.  I enjoy liberals saying “it will cost more later”.  Everything costs more later guys.  Blame the Federal Reserve, inflation, whatever – but prices always go up.  That proves what?  Borrow and pay interest now instead of pay later?  Logic please.  It will cost more later is worse than shallow thinking, it’s a mere talking point big spenders use.  Steve thinks Carlo is doing a great job standing up to the Board!  No, the Board is doing a great job standing up for citizens.

Carlo also brought up the gas tax that hasn’t been raised since 1993.  (Another talking point frequently used by spenders) Federal gas tax is 18.4 cents per gallon.  After bureaucracy takes their cut, the rest disappears.  Nobody knows exactly what happens to all the money – but hey Carlo wants them to take more.  Government told the car companies how many miles per gallon their vehicles had to average, so they complied.  Cars got more expensive and less likely to survive a crash, but consumers saved money not buying as much gas.  Gas prices skyrocketed. Government again told manufacturers to increase mileage.  Cars got even more expensive and less safe.  Gas tax receipts supposedly suffered even with more cars on the road.  Recession meant people driving less, again taxes suffered.  The carbon clowns restricted drilling on federal lands, gas prices went higher.  Prices are currently down for two reasons:  global recession and drilling here on private land.  Will they stay down?  As long as economic activity never recovers.

What’s the common theme?  Government thinks they have a right to supersede the free market.  Carlo thinks so too and obviously Vogel is his cheering section.  He thinks you don’t pay enough taxes, government government government, more taxes more taxes more taxes!

Carlo:  I live in the country.  I have since 1997.  The roads are good, actually better than they were in the 1900’s.  Township spending is off the charts, but citizens appreciate the County Board holding the line.  Instead of trying to turn McLean County into New York, how about realizing taxpayers aren’t your piggy bank.  Steve, it must have been tough staying in the closet when you were on WJBC.  You finally have the right job:  Left wing progressive activist.  You and the Pantagraph fit together well.

Carlo:  Government isn’t the solution to the problem – government IS the problem.  (Wonder where I heard that?)  You don’t live in la-la land anymore!




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