League of Women Voters: Embarrassing!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I remember having a discussion on the Leagues Facebook page years ago about ObmamCare.   The League thought it was great and good for the country.

That fiasco hasn’t taught them anything about government intervention and the destructive forces it unleashes on citizens.  Last night I noticed a story someone from the local group posted:


10 Constitutional scholars declared Obama’s Executive Amnesty legal!

Hey League:  Here’s a better link for you.  What an impartial liberal Constitutional Lawyer thinks:  http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/11/17/libera-law-professor-jonathan-turley-i-hope-obama-doesnt-get-away-with-executive-amnesty-n1919710

I guess they missed the 20 or 30 times President Obama openly said in speech after speech that he didn’t have the authority to do the Amnesty executive order that he did anyway.

I guess the League hasn’t figured out that lies are the preferred method the administration uses to get what they want.  The Gruber flap revealed how ObamaCare was passed: the “people are stupid”.  Maybe they were referring to the League too since they supported ObamaCare.  Don’t forget the classic lie:  If you like your doctor . . .”

But back to the “scholars” who declared Obama’s executive action legal.  Maybe they should have dug a little farther.  Obama is willing to lie, so why wouldn’t 10 scholars – especially if they have close ties to him.  See this link for details:  http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/11/21/10-scholars-defended-immigration-action-have-democratic-ties

Obviously the LWV didn’t investigate ObamaCare before supporting it.  They didn’t investigate Executive Amnesty before posting the story.  Remember the push for Modified Wards in Bloomington?  Some of the leadership actively campaigned to take away your representation, but when called to officially take a side they voted PRESENT.

One finally straw to seeing who these people are:

In October the National Organization wrote:

Leagues Continue Fight for Voting Rights as Election Day Draws Near

The local group posted a link on their Facebook page.  They claim:

This task (voting) has become more difficult in recent years as state legislatures in numerous states have passed laws making it more difficult to register, vote and have that vote count.

You would think armed guards were standing at the polls weeding out the “wrong” voters.  Oh, I forgot, that was the New Black Panther Party in the 2008 election, Eric Holder had the charges against them dropped.

The article laments Ohio’s anti-voting bills.  What they don’t say is early voting was cut by the courts from 35 days to 28.  Horror of horrors!  A whole week of not being able to early vote – and the expensive that goes with!  Anybody with a brain think someone who really wants to early vote can’t find a day with 28 to choose from?

The League didn’t like North Carolina’s ban on same day registration and voting out-of-precinct either.  Is it too much to ask that voters accept at least a little personal responsibility to ensure fair elections?  The League thinks so.

The are also appalled by Voter ID laws in Wisconsin and Texas.  Hey League:  70% of voters now want Voter ID laws.  Election fraud is a threat to the Republic.  An ID is required for almost everything else citizens do, why not voting?  There is only one explanation and it’s not that poor people don’t have one.  You are insulting the intelligence of poor people for even uttering those words.

You can read the whole story here:  http://lwv.org/blog/leagues-continue-fight-voting-rights-election-day-draws-near

Holding Candidate Forums is something the League of Women Voters should never be allowed to do again.  They obviously lean far left and are incapable of holding an impartial debate.   They are merely Big Government supporters who only represent a fringe group of people.  Since they fall into the “stupid voters” category, why should they be trusted with vetting candidates?

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