Fly on the Wall: Media sleeps with government

I know all - I see all

I know all – I see all

A few weeks ago the bird-cage liner’s Steve Vogel wrote his column about Normal and Bloomington sharing sales taxes.

Magically, the plan gets floated now by Renner and Koos.

Is Vogel a prophet?

Or does local government conspire with Vogel to “float” ideas to gauge response before they make fools of themselves?

It’s not the first time Vogel has been used, and it won’t be the last.

What do you call a person being “used” by government?

(Hint:  Not a journalist)




  1. Alderwoman Buragas is on the B/N Advantage “team” with Renner. Connections??


  2. Share sales taxes? So that means that Bloomington picks up responsibility for Normals debt as well?


  3. Cavewoman says:

    Have to laugh about birdcage liner as Vogel means bird in german! Anyways, Vogel’s not being used as he’s a member of “The Liberal Elite Club”. Just like most all of our local politicians are. They believe they are so much smarter than us peon taxpayers!


  4. Jeff Strange says:

    The local media has been connected to local government for years. Former WJBC program director RC McBride was at the same time on the Normal Planning Commission and even serving as the chair at one point while hosting WJBC radio. I think there is a code of ethics for media thst finds this behavior wrong. McBride now works for the government at Illinois State University and serves on the Normal Council.


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