Is Ford regretting investing in Rivian?

By:  Diane Benjamin I love reading a site called Michigan Capital Confidential.  It isn’t run-of-the-mill boring news, these guy actually investigate.  Most of their investigations pertain to Michigan, but a lot of what they find applies to politics in Illinois too. A story today mentions Rivian and Ford’s investment.  The bottom line is:  Unless government […]

Normal: Say NO to hotel subsidies

By:  Diane Benjamin Town of Normal agenda for Monday: This item is listed: Discussions about subsidies is not on the agenda. According to this document, plans for Constitution Trail Centre PUD go back to 2005: A hotel was always part of the plan.  Evidently Normal doesn’t know when you pass plans specifying what […]

Nope, Laws don’t matter!

By:  Diane Benjamin Anybody see an agenda posted for yesterday’s meeting? According to the dead tree the Normal Town Council held a budget workshop yesterday.  In the TWO stories they did, 5 of the 7 Council members are mentioned.  Five is more than half, meaning it was a meeting.  Open Meetings Act violation #6345.  […]

Failed Downtown Bloomington Assoc

By:  Diane Benjamin I hope Tari’s handpicked stacked Downtown Bloomington Committee is having fun dreaming of how to spend your money.  At the end of this month they will enlighten the public with ideas for getting people downtown.  Just because somebody builds it, it doesn’t mean anybody will come.  How many decades has taxpayer money […]

Green isn’t really green

By:  Diane Benjamin The pictures below were all taken on June 2, 2017 east of Ellsworth, Il. In case you don’t know, wind turbines must have a backup system (FOSSIL FUELS!) because turbines aren’t capable of producing steady electricity.  The wind doesn’t always blow or it blows too hard.  Meanwhile, fossils fuels pollute more because […]

Everybody happy!

By:  Diane Benjamin Jim Fruin proved economics is way beyond his abilities last night.  In his farewell statement Jim said he plans to attend Council meetings, but only sit by positive people. Some people are  positive Bloomington needs to keep making ‘progress’. Others are positive we are witnessing the destruction of the jewel Bloomington used […]

Coming soon: Utopia Crash

By:  Diane Benjamin Monday night the Bloomington City Council approved this: In case you forgot, the Council approved this payment at the March 27th meeting – PDF Page 253 The documentation for this meeting states the YWCA needs to money to continue operations until the end of their fiscal year.  They are transporting people […]

Remember Renner saying . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Numerous times Mayor Renner said they could abolish Parks and Rec and not balance the budget.  It was his way of justifying tax increases. A found this document from 2015 on-line: Many documents exist on-line that were only done once.  This is one of them.  Evidently the City can’t decide on […]

More on “Sharing” Sales Tax

By:  Diane Benjamin The anonymous editorial writer at the Pantagraph jumped in this week to proclaim the greatness of Bloomington and Normal sharing Sales Tax. Citizens are being set up! Normal has 5 TIF districts that are costing them A LOT of money because revenues generated aren’t paying the interest and principle on all the […]

Bloomington Budget Bare Bones? Not really

By:  Diane Benjamin Want to balance Bloomington’s budget? First, cut the planned spending at the Coliseum:  $2,510,000  (Funny how the Flex has videos on their Facebook page from the equipment the City claims can’t be fixed!) The Zoo is a great place, but subsidizing it for $667,324 isn’t prioritizing spending.  Do you want the […]

Mayor Tansparency Renner wants subsidies ended

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the Pantagraph, Mayor Renner wants garbage rates raised to bring them closer to the actual costs.  I guess Renner doesn’t realize that virtually everything Bloomington does is a subsidy, the ole Quality of Life crap the Council has been pushing for decades.  If he was serious, the management contract for […]

ISU and Pantagraph Bull***t UPDATE

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee has held hearings on Obama’s WAR on COAL. Is GREEN ENERGY worth the cost?  It’s not the “Do Nothing” Congress – it’s the “Do Nothing Senate” John Boehner’s Office sent the following email today:   #WarOnCoal     Energy & Commerce Hearing Highlights Obama Administration’s “War on Coal,” Expected […]