Redistribution of wealth – SURVEY

By:  Diane Benjamin

If government wants to help a segment of people:

  • It has to steal money from some to hand to others
  • It has to remove any incentive for personal responsibility
  • It has to weaken the economy by not allowing earners to keep their money
  • It has to pay bureaucrats to administer programs
  • It has to further weaken the economy when more money is stolen to pay salaries and benefits of bureaucrats
  • When all the above fails to help, it plans to steal more to fix it

Notice the SLOW ECONOMIC GROWTH the last 7 years?  Redistribution of your money is one reason why.  Government doesn’t solve problems – it creates more programs, more borrowing, and more taxing to fix the disaster it creates.  Don’t believe it?  See this story:  Bloomington-Locking-Up-Debt/

Decades of NOT spending money where it should have been spent are resulting in massive borrowing to fix everything they neglected.  Quality of Life!

Redistribution of your wealth is Un-American!

Here is what Bloomington taxpayers paid to subsidize Connect Transit in the last 3 months:

See Bills and Payroll:

Keep in mind Connect Transit lost close to $10,000,000 last year – it required massive subsidies.  Since Fed and State sources are running out of money, local sources are being tapped.

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The McLean County Regional Planning Commission is doing another transportation survey.

A few years ago they did a survey that only bikers knew about.  Obviously it showed a need for bike lanes.  Poof:  Bike Lanes appeared.

Take this survey and share it with friends.  Some questions don’t have a good answer, so improvise.

If this link doesn’t work, a link is on the MCRPC website.  It on one of the Windows that scrolls by:





14 thoughts on “Redistribution of wealth – SURVEY

  1. For me, the survey will not accept “0” as an answer in the funding section… 🙂

  2. I thought this survey was a prank. The link is to “survey monkey.” The questions are ambiguous and they don’t give an option “prefer not to answer” in the demographic portion. This survey is worthless at best.

  3. I just completed the survey. Please encourage others to also take it. Our input is also important.

  4. My first skim suggests the formentation of the redefined Trans Texas Corridor, Agenda 21, North American Union. MCRPC is a total sell out to the citizens of McLean County, this country.

  5. I don’t live in McLean County, and I’m presently traveling in New York State. Yet I was able to take the survey. That means all of the bureaucrats’ friends and relatives can too. Can you spell f-i-x-e-d? I allocated $100 for maintaining the roads that exist now. And I commented that they have NO business even thinking about anything else until they have what is in place in good order.

  6. It’s interesting that they skew the question about improving “public transit” to call out specifically “including those for people with disabilities and seniors.” If they want an honest answer, just ask if you’d spend money on improving public transit.

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