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By:  Diane Benjamin

The next Board meeting for Connect Transit is July 26th at 4:30.  Meetings are held in the Board Room at 351 Wylie Drive, Normal.

The packet for the meeting has not been posted yet, but Connect Transit’s year-end was 6/30/2016.  This meeting packet will show the total operating losses for the entire year.  For the first 11 months they lost $9,939,281

11monthsFor one year it will be more than $10,000,000.


Connect Transit has a Public Comment policy that is close to legal.  But, they only allow 5 people – 3 minutes each.  That hardly represents the entire towns of Bloomington and Normal.  It also does not allow more than 5 people if the entire 15 minutes isn’t used.  The policy does have a provision for the Board to extend the Public Comment time if they want to.  Speakers need to sign up at least 15 minutes in advance.  See the policy here:

The Connect Transit website has a message from the General Manager.  It wasn’t written recently because it refers to buying new buses.  The statement includes this:

Connect Transit will continue to be the most effective stewards of public funds while being responsive to the needs of the customers and community.

Ask your self:

  • Why did the media never report these massive losses?
  • How are the losses sustainable?
  • With low gas prices, will ridership ever increase?
  • Are the Financial Statements audited?  (No sign of that on the website)
  • How much more is Connect Transit costing you?

Both Bloomington and Normal increased their funding this year.

I’m not going to fight every battle for taxpayers.  I give you information so you can fight.  Connect Transit needs to quit operating in a bubble pretending to be fiscally responsible.

If citizens don’t attend the meeting, sign up to speak, and tell them how you feel – they will continue subsidizing failed policies.

It’s up to you.

When the packet for the meeting is posted, I will get the 12 month operating loss and report it.


8 thoughts on “More Connect Transit News

  1. As someone that regularly rides the bus back and forth to work, I am extremely disappointed in their new routes that go into effect next month. They mean I can no longer ride because it’s now easier to walk the 2 miles to work than to take the bus.

    1. I think over-riding objective of Connect Transit is to obtain ever increasing amount of government money.

  2. To me it looks like they spent the grants they were given with zero loss. No? ALL transportation is subsidized: roads, airports, passenger rail, and mass transit. We get it. You don’t like buses and think people who choose or have to use buses should struggle with limited service, poor, routes, and even more time spent on the bus to get across town. Got it.

    1. Rob, read the above post from “Polaris.” There are many bus riders who will be experiencing the same issue. The route changes will provide less overall service with an increase in cost to taxpayers. The route changes are projected to increase ridership by 19% but the evidence shows a decrease in use. Creating supply where there is no demand is not wise stewardship of tax dollars. Go back and review the financial report to see the per day ridership to determine the cost per use. The fee for an individual to ride the bus will be increased as well. The working poor shoulder the tax burden and now the rate hike. The proposed infrastructure additions will need more funding. According to the General Manager’s letter, that funding will be from local sources–expect increase in local taxes. The size and type of buses are the same as those used in Chicago. Does Bloomington’s population and ridership compare to Chicago?

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