Green isn’t really green

By:  Diane Benjamin

The pictures below were all taken on June 2, 2017 east of Ellsworth, Il.

In case you don’t know, wind turbines must have a backup system (FOSSIL FUELS!) because turbines aren’t capable of producing steady electricity.  The wind doesn’t always blow or it blows too hard.  Meanwhile, fossils fuels pollute more because the highest efficiency occurs when plants are functioning at full capacity.  The turbines mean the plants need to power up and power down at the whims of turbines and the wind.  Not efficient!

Turbines also require a lot of fossil fuels to operate.  Oil!

If proper maintenance isn’t done, the turbines will look like these as they leak and throw oil.  If killing eagles and bats isn’t bad enough to end subsidies, polluting fields should.

I have more pictures and video.  Funny how most of the oil splattered turbines are on obscure country roads, not the main ones.  The operators surely aren’t maintaining only the ones most people see!

Has the County checked to see if insurance had been taken out for demolition?  It’s due.  Details:


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  1. As usual, their “great ideas” mostly turn out to be pretty crappy, and SOMEONE is left holding the bag. I wonder sometimes if they ever grow tired of being wrong. But then I realize, no, they don’t, and off to the next debacle they go – oh and that link looks (and reads) like something from a high school science handout in order to push the propaganda. In short a wind power turbine can power a tiny village perhaps, but it will never be able to take on a significant portion of the needed power requirements on any sort of a grand scale such as that required of an industrialized first world nation – so let’s build these giant turbines in some 3rd world countries, near the villages…oh wait, they take up valuable farm land and reduce needed yields, scratch that too.

  2. Meanwhile, the solid energy producers with the lowest pollution output, nuclear, are being shutdown and dismantled. How many windfarms are powering India and China?

  3. “In case you don’t know, wind turbines must have a backup system (FOSSIL FUELS!) because turbines aren’t capable of producing steady electricity.” Exactly! What Ms. Benjamin explains was also explained during the local meetings prior to the wind farms coming to McLean County. Because they are not a reliable source of electricity, there must be a reliable source (backup, as Ms Benjamin says) and therefore, wind farms produce *supplementary* electricity. Turbines do not respond to demand, they respond to wind, so wind energy is an unreliable source of electricity. There must be a reliable and on-demand supply of electricity which, at present, must be supplied by nuclear or fossil fuels.

  4. And if you REALLY want to THINK about it, it’s a “redundant” system, as you just don’t “fire up” a coal plant, you need to keep it running, so you have power at hand when the wind turbines don’t spin!

  5. Facebook has many posts from local wind energy pushers. But they do not allow comments. A few months ago, comments were accepted. I guess there were more negative than positive comments. Look like n YouTube for more wind turbine disasters

  6. Hate to burst the bubble of your ignorance but the average modern wind turbine produces a capacity 2.5-3MW and more than 6million kWh. Enough To bring electricity to 1,500 residents in Illinois.Ifyou see any grease it is use for the mechanical parts of turbine engine.

      1. Diane, If your car is 5 years old or older, don’t look under the engine, transmission or rear end.

      2. Oh but it is claiming to be green. Carbon Foot Print? Exhaust fumes lowered? I think it is claiming to be green too.

  7. Gator: make SURE that you “quantify” your numbers. The average onshore wind turbine does produce 2.5-3 Mw or enough power for 1,500 homes PER YEAR (If the wind speed stays up and the turbine TURNS, and it’s LARGE enough)! Is THAT worth the pollution and eyesore, not to mention the EMF they produce?
    And IF you want to bring SOLAR into the picture, IF it’s so viable, WHY is there an abandoned LARGE solar farm just NE of Streator just a FEW miles-google it. It’s just west of Kernan.

    1. I’m pretty sure Tommy, and Hank and Alex, didn’t get right the first few times ether.

  8. The photos insinuate that there is a large vat of “oil” in the turbines.That shows a profound misunderstanding of how wind turbines work. Wind turbines do not suddenly switch to fossil fuel when there is no wind.
    Turbines work with the wind in both generating and storing power. When the wind is low power is stored or transferred to other turbines that have wind. If you don’t know how something works, then you post silly photos about “oil” in wind turbines. Yes there is “oil” to lube the gears. Of course we still rely on fossil fuel. Wind turbines are constantly evolving and improving.
    I’m not doing your research you can look up how much electricity wind farms can generate.

    1. You insinuated something I never said. They do have a lot of oil in the to lubricate the parts. It’s ridiculous to think they switch to fossil fuels – the fossil fuel plants have to generate electricity when the turbines can’t. (Unless you don’t want the lights to come on when you flip the switch)

      1. Here idiot, what you’ve just admitted to is that the wind turbines need oil. Clearly, that is what the picture shows. Try to enjoy a nice day at the lake or something and settle down.

  9. Here’s an Article on the EMI’s of a wind turbine. Modern wind turbines go to great lengths to shield EMF generated by wind turbines. Eye sores? Current electrical wire strung from pole to pole aren’t exactly beautiful, but I don’t see you complaining about their EMF output. Wind turbines kill eagles? So do lead buck shot pellets in animals people shoot and leave for eagles to eat as carion. Cats and plain winddows on your house kill birds. Should we do away with them?

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