Wind Turbines DEAD!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Recently the wind turbines east of Bloomington have frequently been dead.  See this SHORT video from a few minutes ago:

The McLean County Board approved the initial wind farm on 9/20/2005.  Approval included the below:

turbinesThanks to County Board member Susan Schafer for sending it to me back in 2013.

Twelve years after construction, the owner is required to escrow $25,000 for decommissioning.  $25,000 may not cover the cost, but 12 years is rapidly approaching – 2017.

Turbines all over the country have been abandoned and left to rust.  Since these are frequently off, will they suffer the same fate?

If I owned farm land with wind turbines, I’d be asking questions.



7 thoughts on “Wind Turbines DEAD!

    1. Much of the currently developing green energy is from solar panels. Not a good idea for placing on valuable farm land though. Once the electric storage cells are completely developed and affordable, the panels can be placed on roof tops and everyone can go off the grid.


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