Mayor Tansparency Renner wants subsidies ended

by:  Diane Benjamin

According to the Pantagraph, Mayor Renner wants garbage rates raised to bring them closer to the actual costs.  I guess Renner doesn’t realize that virtually everything Bloomington does is a subsidy, the ole Quality of Life crap the Council has been pushing for decades.  If he was serious, the management contract for the Coliseum would not be renewed.  The City is deeply in debt because of the Coliseum and they have no idea how much the management company is making off the City owned asset.  The City doesn’t get any cut of concessions, in other words, there is no accountability.  The City hires a person to head the BCPA, why is an unaccountable company hired for the Coliseum?  No City expertise in managing it?  Maybe somebody should have thought of that before it was built!  Oh, the citizens did, the City ignored them.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Mayor was trying to control costs so taxes can be lowered, or at least not be raised?  Dream on Bloomington, there is a downtown just waiting to be rebuilt!

If Mayor Transparency wants programs to pay for themselves, here’s one he can quit subsidizing.  Aquatics cost taxpayers $130,249 last year.  Income didn’t even cover salaries, let alone other expenses.  Or maybe some subsidies are okay and some aren’t?  Who decided which ones?  The rubber stamp 7?







3 thoughts on “Mayor Tansparency Renner wants subsidies ended

  1. Oh by the way!! lets not forget the $2.9 Million dollar Firestation #5 on Six Point Rd. that is setting idle,using to store drug conficated vehicles, at taxpayers expense !!When The city of Bloomington causes retiressies on fixed income to go broke, are they going to build living quarter’s and support them ?


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