1. Kevin Gerrard should try making an FOIA request using the exact same wording as the Pantagraph reporter rather than requesting the information received by the Pantagraph. As far as policy regarding use of private emails and texts, I’m pretty sure the City doesn’t have one. In order to be transparent, one has to be honest.


  2. Green Giant says:

    “One thing I’ve learned is Republicans never do what they say they will do in a campaign while Democrats lie over and over and over trying to get you to believe what they say”

    Isn’t it easier to say both Republicans and Democrats lie?


  3. Point of clarification, what they are saying is the email program can’t tell whether it was opened or sent on a city device or a personal device. They should of stated any emails from private accounts.


    • mittenpaws says:

      Sygg-exactly right. Kevin could have reworded the request to simply ask for all email correspondences from public and private accounts.


      • At this time I don’t want their public email , so I don’t need to reword anything. They are simply refusing to collect the emails from the parties I listed. They done it before, but not on this grand of a scale to the best of my knowledge. Nonetheless, they are violating the law. They have eight more business days to comply before I file with the AG’s office to force them to produce and hold them accountable for violating the AG’s previous posted ruling on this type of FOIA Request.



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