Open letter to the Bloomington Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

Go ahead and pretend you have a mandate.

4644 people voted AGAINST Tari Renner

Jamie Mathy only won by 319 votes, more than that voted against him.

Close to half the people in Ward 3 voted AGAINST Mboka Mwilambwe

Joni Painter only won by 97 votes

The guy ineligible to serve from Ward 7 got 146 votes against Scott Black who only got 421

Bray would have lost if only two people had been in the race

Go ahead and pretend that laws don’t matter.

If you want to spend the next 2 years in court for denying FOIA requests, I can make that happen.

Your personal emails are subject to FOIA.  You can not avoid the Freedom of Information Act by avoiding City owned methods of communication.

Rahm Emanual found that out:  Rahm Emanuel Personal Emails

Until you figure out you were elected to represent the people in your Ward – not the City – you will be held accountable here.

In the next two years you have two choices:

  1. Backlash, bad press, and waste of taxpayer money to hold you accountable in court


  2. Start acting like representatives instead of government puppets

Do you want a judge finding the City guilty over and over and over?

Tari is a non-voting member of the Council.  It’s up to you to set policy.  Following the law should be the highest priority.

Jeff Jurgens:  Are you going to tolerate the City breaking the law?  Is your Tens of THOUSANDS of dollars of taxpayer money every month worth it?  Do you have any integrity?

In case you missed it:  Tari’s Transparency Is A Joke/

Trying to start a war with citizens Tari? 










  1. TINO Tari = Transparency In Name Only


  2. R. BOSQUEZ says:

    Tari renner is a complete joke


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