Why even Democrats should vote for GOP for the next Attorney General

By:  Diane Benjamin

The current Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, will fortunately by gone next January.  She persecuted (no I don’t mean prosecuted) businesses in Illinois while allowing public corruption to flourish.  Her Public access office just did it again.

First see this post:

I totally agree – this meeting should have been publicly announced. An attorney in Jason Chamber’s office responded with a long diatribe stating it wasn’t really a meeting (even though a quorum was present) and the media was notified. Of course I’m not considered media, so I wasn’t.

The two Democrats running for County Board probably found out about the meeting from Democrat Board member Erik Rankin.

I filed a Request for Review with Lisa Madigan’s Public Access office. The ruling came out today. It says the County Board did nothing wrong! No surprise since government is rarely held accountable by this office.   Public Access claims no business was discussed.  Hum, let that one sink in.  It must have been a party we weren’t invited to.

Electing another Democrat will not change the fact that most rulings favor government over the people paying their bills.  Yet somehow they found Normal guilty of holding a meeting they didn’t call a meeting:    https://blnnews.com/2018/08/08/normal-is-guilty-and-not-guilty/

If you are sick of corruption in Illinois, quit electing the same party over and over and over and over.

See the ruling Here:   53982 2a meeting proper co








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