It’s official! The New State’s Attorney

Don Knapp was appointed with ZERO discussion.  The fix was in.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The County Board meets this morning at 9:00.  On the agenda (Item 7) is the Chairman’s pick to replace Jason Chambers as State’s Attorney.

I predict Chairman John McIntyre picked the current Assistant County Administrator Don Knapp.  Don is a really nice guy, but he has no experience prosecuting cases.  The County believes the job is administrative even though other Illinois State’s Attorneys do prosecute cases in court.

Meanwhile, charges against Bart Rogers for theft at the Coliseum were thrown out for the second time.

Doesn’t Bloomington have 7 murders to prosecute?

The Zimmerman murder case still hasn’t gone to trial.

The other Coliseum cases are still pending.

The appointment of Don Knapp is clearly political, the good ‘ol boys club is a strong as ever.

Unfortunately, if Don wants to stay State’s Attorney he will eventually need to run for election.  The Democrats are probably thrilled the Republicans picked him.

The meetings are supposedly Live Streamed.  I don’t see where it is available on the County website however.










5 thoughts on “It’s official! The New State’s Attorney

  1. The McLean County Republican establishment is a hard nut to crack. The only thing worse than this fix is that Jason Chambers is now a judge. This is the same crowd who has given us a loser like Bruce Rauner to lead the state.


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