Tari is grooming candidates!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Renner was on WGLT earlier this month talking about the Council changes that will happen next year since two alderman have announced they aren’t running for re-election.  The story says nothing about his comments, you have to listen to the 4 minute interview:


Tari is actively recruiting, grooming and supporting candidates who agree with his progressive agenda – his words.

I would expect him to do this and it wouldn’t be a problem if local voting mattered to citizens.  The vast majority don’t even know an election will happen next April, 80% won’t matter to show up.  It is incredibly easy for Tari to get his people elected in Bloomington.  Obviously the local media doesn’t reach the majority of citizens.

He does mention Georgene Chissell is his pick to replace David Sage.  She announced her candidacy before Sage announced he wasn’t running, so Tari obviously targeted the Ward 2 seat.  Georgene proves local elections aren’t non-partisan since she has being a Democrat precinct committeeman on her resume.

Tari’s progressive agenda (socialism, government control of the economy, whatever you want to call it) will continue to destroy Bloomington.  Any candidate who calls themselves a “progressive” needs to be asked what they are progressing to.  They won’t have an answer because their version of progress is just spending money because they believe it stimulates the economy.  See the Coliseum, BCPA, Library expansion,  never used fire station, and on and on to see what progress looks like.  It doesn’t matter if any of their progress is successful – they use made up economic impact numbers to justify their actions.


In Tari’s short tenure he has increased the budget more than $40 million.  That is money citizens did not get to spend where they wanted to spend it.  That spending was passed by Tari’s hand-picked candidates from the last two elections.  Bloomington’s decline will continue if Tari’s gets his bobbleheads as he has in the past.  The alderman will not represent the citizens in their Wards, they will represent Tari.

So far only one candidate has announced that Tari does not want to see on the Council – Donna Boelen.  If others don’t come forward to run, more tax increases will be coming.  Being progressive takes big bucks.  Your bucks.


12 thoughts on “Tari is grooming candidates!

  1. Sad that they take the name “progressives” for a group who used it during the days of Teddy Roosevelt! Those were TRUE progressives, not digressives..

    1. Kind of like ‘liberals’. True liberals believe in personal freedom – the term shares a word root with ‘liberty’. What most people call liberals these days are actually leftists, fascists, socialists, communists, and authoritarians – pretty much the Opposite of true liberals.

  2. Ward 8 has 2 people running now. One wants bigger spending on downtown and the other wants to welcome illegal aliens. Neither will get my vote!

  3. What is so sad to me, is the inconvenient truth that progressives/leftists have taken over this town, and it is at least partially out of voter apathy, an apathy that has been caused at least partially, by the incessant creep of leftist policies, which happened because of, well, voter apathy that was there before, but apathy out of complacency instead of despair. Trust me, the left took advantage of that voter complacency, they are VERY good at “organizing” and taking advantage of opportunity. Now, what can be done to reverse it? How can their little fiefdom be overthrown? It’s a 2 part solution. First, there has to be several candidates with not only common sense, but a willingness to be torn down and dissected incessantly by the vicious oppositional left that controls the local media for the most part and has NO problem publically slamming anyone who opposes them. It’s as bad as a national election only on a local level. They will hound this person, target this person and drag out unpaid parking tickets if they have to in order to try and paint them as deadbeats or worse. The second part is the mobilization of the “normals” (aka the deplorables). I truly believe that with only so much as a 40% turnout Tarry and company could be deposed, one fly in this little ointment though is Wesleyan and the ISU students who vote in Bloomington, they are a VERY ignorant and brainwashed lot, easily swayed by things as ridiculous as a “free” concert now and then or a new coffee-shop with amazing wifi. The other “fly” is the old guard leftists and BloNo is literally teeming with them, old 60s hippies for the most part who work in academia or nonprofits and “bright young entrepreneurs” who have been gifted with grants and the like in order to have their little yoga studios and art galleries and the like without having to have much accountability or take very many risks.This, is what “we” are up against.

    1. @ Ronin, I believe there is at least one voice with common sense who has announced her candidacy. She often speaks at Council meetings. I’d say she is sometimes brutally honest. She addresses controversial issues time and time again. That shows a certain amount of tenacity. She doesn’t seem to care what people think about what she has to say. It doesn’t seem that she has any political aspirations. If she is willing to stick her neck out, she should be provided with as much support as possible to overcome the hordes of socialists, even if you don’t live in her ward.
      Being a Council election, the IWU students would be voting in Ward 4, 6 or 7 not ward 2.

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