County going Blue

By: Diane Benjamin

The County Board now has two vacant seats with the resignation of John McIntyre – District 5. The seat vacated by Jeannie Biles – District 8 – hasn’t been filled yet after her resignation in August.

Democrat Elizabeth Johnston, currently vice-chair, will be acting chairman until a new election by the Board. I hear she wants the job permanently.

The goal of the Democrat Party of Illinois has been to turn formerly bright red McLean County blue. With an evenly split board and a Democrat chair they have succeeded. The Safe-T Act made law enforcement more difficult. Next up will be defunding the Justice System. Being Chicago is the goal. This story shows the future:

Many Republicans have left Illinois, the ones left evidently don’t have time to care.

Don’t try to say Democrats care about individuals, they care about power. Illinois is now the #1 State people leave. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Evidently John McIntyre resigned for unspecified health reasons.

13 thoughts on “County going Blue

  1. McLean County board Republicans are paper and Illinois university hacks or just buddy system and approve everything – politically – easy for both sides of aisle


  2. What do you mean “going blue”? McLean county hasn’t been bright red for a long time. Obama won McLean county and its gotten bluer ever since. ISU and inner city Chicago transplants have overshadowed the business and rural values and votes. McLean county IS blue blue blue and with the wild spending will soon look like a “black and blue” bruise.

  3. “Many Republicans have left Illinois, the ones left evidently don’t have time to care.” The lack of cohesion among conservatives and accepting the reality of demonrat constant cheating, bullying, is the current demise of the republican party. The demonrats follow the party line no matter what. That is their strength with the devil to lead them. Marxist. Communist. Evil. Meanwhile the republicans are still too pc to admit it let alone attack it.

    1. Old Stanley you are 100% spot on! The “Demonrats” are following the time tested proven path of the Marxism of China. People like most of us on this blog will eventually be eliminated, one way or another. I fear it’s too late to even stand up for ourselves. Elections are artfully rigged, majority of news media is Marxist, even the military is being a-WOKE-ened. Patriot groups are labeled terrorists while BLM and Antifa are celebrated. I’m sorry to be a downer but unless there’s open revolt and an eventual break up of the USA into three or four “countries” (which the left WILL NOT abide) we are all good and well sc…..d.

  4. The democrats on the county board have voted for every single funding increase the justice committee has asked for. Every. Single. One. I don’t see the justice department being defunded anytime soon or ever.

    1. FALSE – Democrats voted against protecting rural residents safety by blocking the sheriff from having a swat team. Democrats on the county board hate law enforcement and have an end game of defunding and reducing number of sworn officers. That is a fact.

      1. The sheriff withdrew his proposal before it could even be discussed. Democrats did not block anything.

  5. Illinois, number 3 for people vacating. Is anyone surprised?

    Speaking of the County Clerk. I got my property tax check returned today. Some note attached about correcting the memo line with the parcel number. 10 times I have looked at it and it matches. I even pulled a copy of my June payment and I see no difference. Tomorrow I’ll take it in and shove in their face. SMH

    1. yeah the paper pushers and robots in that dept clearly have serious issues (nothing new) wacked system and process and staff

  6. Why the heck didn’t McIntyre have the decency to retire a year ago SO THE VOTERS COULD HAVE ELECTED HIS REPLACEMENT????
    They constantly do this.
    They get re-elected, then resign.

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