Update to Normal’s Dump story

By: Diane Benjamin

Update to this story: https://blnnews.com/2023/09/06/normal-operating-the-way-citizens-want-it/

Normal garbage fees:

Bloomington garbage fees:

Bloomington makes garbage and recycling pickup as complicated as possible, they also include discounts for low income: https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/departments/public-works/resident-community/solid-waste/garbage-recycling

Bloomington offers bulk pickup twice a year and for a fee the rest of the year. The 95 gallon can in Bloomington is more expensive than Normal’s full service. The link above states if the lid won’t close it won’t be picked up. Opting for a smaller cheaper can might not work.

Normal doesn’t have a garbage Enterprise Fund that must balance like Bloomington does. Bloomington shifted the cost to users instead of funding it from taxes and fees already paid.

Yesterday Normal picked up part of the apartment junk, today is the regular day pickup so the rest should be done today:

5 thoughts on “Update to Normal’s Dump story

  1. Thank you Diane for providing this detail on the garbage!!

    I have lived in both Bloomington & Normal
    (…I have directly experienced the trash debacle in Bloomington, plus everyone can SEE the trash difference between the towns).

    While the fees collected in both B/N are too HIGH – because we already pay SO MUCH for everything else (…only my opinion)
    I still stand by my praise of the Town of Normal
    (based on my own experiences in both towns =)
    Town of Normal gets the trash pickup done right!
    Normal picks up everything and in a fast manner!
    Normal keeps their streets picked up and clean!

    Bloomington FAILS at trash pickup!

    Bloomington makes trash pick up too limited, too complicated, too expensive!
    And the Bloomington streets reflect their crummy trash service.

  2. Wasn’t there “talk” about installing solar panels on the now closed City Dump off Oakland. Wouldn’t that be a win-win? Since nothing inhabitable can be built on that land, might as well erect some solar panels which can generate electricity (win). If it catches fire (as they commonly do) it will burn off the methane that is being emitted (win-2).

  3. Bloomington has an automatic 3% increase to continue to give 3% guaranteed raises to staff, whether or not they provide labor to meet their pay. The city would be much better off switching to a private service.

    Bloomington doesn’t follow their policies. I have neighbors who leave bulk waste out. It’s picked up in the dump trucks, and they aren’t charged. Nor does it matter if your lid won’t close.

    Also, if the city wants to promote more recycling, pick that up weekly. If we don’t make trips to the recycling centers, we would have to throw in the trash. It would be great to have a 2nd bin.

    1. If you call the city of Bloomington, they will provide an extra recycling bin without charge. My parents at their house and I at my house have 2 bins. They have a lot of boxes for my disabled sister’s supplies and I have a large family, so two bins really works well for both of us.

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