ACLU calls Bloomington Police racist without using the word

By: Diane Benjamin

See this WEEK story:


“McLean County has unfortunately had a history of disproportionally stopping people of color, so this is ongoing. What’s alarming is that the 2022 traffic data showed an uptick,” explains Karla Bailey-Smith, the Central Illinois Chapter of ACLU Illinois which covers McLean, DeWitt and Livingston Counties.

I’m all for traffic stops! Bloomington-Normal has turned into a race track where red lights are frequently only a suggestion. How do officers know the race of an offender before the stop is made? I doubt they always know in advance.

I acquired the email below from a reader who go it by FOIA, the name redacted was done by me:

Read the rest of the story. Urbana police quit deploying police to people of color neighborhoods and instead had them monitor places with a high number of accidents. The article doesn’t say if this had any effect on crime.

Paul Williams doesn’t say how the SCU numbers can easily be brought down. The only way I see is to not stop people of color or stop more non-people of color. Evidently safe roads have little to do with policing, color is all that matters.

I believe SCU stands for Street Crimes Unit.

10 thoughts on “ACLU calls Bloomington Police racist without using the word

  1. Pull police out of the “difficult neighborhoods” to meet racial quotas? Have they asked to citizens of those communities about that?

    Some of the first things Obama did as president was to force racial quotas on law enforcement and public school discipline. Both of these polices demonstrably failed and were more or less ignored after a while. BUT along comes Biden (Obama’s third term?) and guess what, we’re back to destroying our communities and schools under the guise of “fairness”. Shouldn’t failure inform?

  2. I called this several years ago our police will be given chips of color 2 black chips 8 white for example. For each stop a chip is taken away relating to the ethnic color of that person. Once the chips are gone for each color, for a given time period you can no longer stop anyone that the color of chip represented. Of course let the news media know what chips have been used up for the month and that certain people will no longer be stopped. problem solved!

  3. Somebody who drives for uber and is on the roads all day long, I can say that eighty percent of the people I see driving like idiots are black. That’s not a scientific trial but it’s an observational one.

  4. Several years ago, the state of illinois realized that there was a disparate amount of children of color going into substitute care because of allegation of abuse and/or neglect. Was the number higher for children of color because of the policies of the state or because the parents action or inactions put the children at risk? The juvenile court either approves the child going into care or returns the child to the parents. When the police stop a car with darkened windows, do they know the race of the driver?
    Sounds to me like the state is trying to modify statistics and not behavior.

  5. All the years that I have been driving I have consistently seen a certain group of people park in no parking zones then go into a store or restaurant when open parking spots were available just a few feet away. Many of the drivers were extremely large maybe that is why they had to park so close even if the sign said no parking. Or maybe they were large because they refused to park in legal parking and walk a few extra steps. Oh well just an observation sticks in my mind because I see it occurring all the time!

  6. Punks, thugs, and hoodlums need to be punished regardless their color. Just because, proportionately, their are more black punks, thugs, and hoodlums than white should make no difference in the enforcement of our laws…..if you do the crime you do the time. BUT the WOKE culture lets blacks off or they’ll burn down your cities.

  7. Draw your own conclusions because we’re being told it’s systemic racism.

    ————Income (Census)—2-Parent Fam (PEW)——Incarceration/100K
    1. Asian ———$87K——————- 85%————————144
    2. White ——— 71K——————–74%————————327
    3. Hispanics —-51K———————62%————————810
    4. Blacks ——— 41K ——————-36%————————1807

  8. With the more frequent use of tinted windows in vehicles, how do the police officers know who is driving? They don’t. When the police are following a car for speeding, how do they know who is behind the wheel? They don’t. This ridiculous narrative is just more garbage from the left to accuse people of racism where none exists. The actual PROBLEM that they REFUSE to address is that MORE black people are committing crimes. Period. But they are too dishonest to admit that. So instead they accuse people of being racist, when in fact they are not. Hey ACLU, how are you going to stop black people from committing crime? That is the question that needs to be asked everyday until they come up with a solution. Telling the police that they are racist, and that they need to stop arresting black criminals, is not the solution at all.

  9. Fromhere I am really trying to understand how my whiteness is contributing to the huge majority of black single family households. I have yet to hear any mayor of a high crime area, ie Peoria make the statement that their women who can’t afford a child stop having one after another after another with no secure stable working father in the picture. The latest string of shootings in Peoria the mayor says parents need to be more involved, hello there are no parents just parent as your graph shows. How sad
    And yet our police become the scapegoats and are called racist for just doing their job.

    1. @Bobbywerk3 – part of the problem is the belief that all disparate outcomes are because all American systems (criminal law, education, employment, health care, housing) were originally intentionally designed to be racist and they still are all racist today thus causing all forms of marginalization. (See unit 5’s Equity Audit 2021, pg 6)

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