Bloomington hires a booker for Arena and BCPA

By: Diane Benjamin

Nick Leroy had a short-lived venue called The Stable in downtown Bloomington. Hopefully he knows shows that make money instead of subsidized entertaining for the elites.

When is the City going to admit the Coliseum isn’t The Grossinger Motors Arena anymore? Too hard to take the sign down?

In case you missed this story:

4 thoughts on “Bloomington hires a booker for Arena and BCPA

  1. Even though the Stable was short lived, NTL is responsible for booking the shows at the Corn Crib. I hear more about the entertainment acts there than I do about the actual baseball team. Its unfortunate this contract wasnt in place a few weeks ago when the show @ the Corn Crib was cancelled due to heat. They could have just driven down the road and enjoyed the AC inside the arena.
    It looks like aside from the Arena, the Crib, NTL works with Jazz UpFront. In addition, there are venues in Libertyville, Aurora, Mt. Carrol & Columbus, Ohio.
    Let’s see what can be done NOW…

  2. Just thought you ought to know that they aren’t the only bookers for the venues. They are putting on one confirmed show at the BCPA Chris Janson, but there has not been an announced show from them at the arena yet. Venues utilize multiple booking groups to bring acts through town. Right now the Arena has shows booked through LiveNation, Mammoth, and what appear to be internally booked shows as well.

  3. I find it interesting, since hiring the new booking agent 2 new shows have been booked in the past 2 weeks which equals the amount of shows booked in the prior 6+ months….. For the area taxpayers, lets hope this trend continues

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