Normal: Operating the way citizens want it

By: Diane Benjamin

Ever wonder why people keep voting for leftists in cities being destroyed by progressives? See Chicago. Normal is well on their way to defeating all opposition – just like Chicago.

The meeting video which includes a short Liquor Commission meeting was 34 minutes long.

There was a Public Comment at the beginning from a supporter of the bird watching water feature. There was another Public Comment at the end from Ron Ulmer speaking about how the Town could save the environment. He mentioned not running gas lines to Uptown 2.0 but didn’t mention the Town ban violates Federal Law. See 27:20. Obviously the Town will go ahead with their plans and hope nobody sues them.

Kathleen Lorenz pulled the Pam Reece salary increase only so she could vote against it. She was the only NO vote. She claimed she couldn’t discuss why she was voting no because it’s a personnel issue. The minutes of Executive Sessions with Council doing a performance review will never be released, citizens will never know the reason. They will also never know why the others voted yes.

The Town is moving ahead with the new fire station at the corner of Hershey and Shepard Road. Remember when the area residents submitted a petition to the Town wanting the station moved across the street and the Town ignored them?

The Town now wants area resident’s input on design. Don’t bother, your opinions don’t matter.

Just hit play below to hear the newly richer City Manager say area residents will be contacted by postcard:

Meanwhile, friends of government are allowed to do this. Citizen complaints have been ignored for years:

11 thoughts on “Normal: Operating the way citizens want it

  1. I think what Pam was really saying is – She doesn’t want to hold up more SPENDING!

    I know this will not be a popular opinion on the trash, but I personally do not mind the trash pile in Normal…
    BECAUSE this is one of the things that the Town of Normal does RIGHT!!
    They do actually pick up the trash and they are usually fast to pickup the trash!!
    The other factor with trash is transportation, meaning not a lot of folks own pickup trucks to haul trash to a city designated location….so kudos to Normal for picking up the trash!

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town – Bloomington expects their residents to hold onto & store their trash until Bloomington feels like actually picking up trash… this approach forces the residents to wait until Bloomington announces two random dates that they feel like picking up trash. The City is inconsistent with the random dates, so residents go ahead and put the trash at the curb in hopes that they do not miss the trash dates. Bloomington streets always have piles of trash to be picked up. Good Grief Bloomington – PICKUP THE TRASH!
    OR don’t – privatize all of the trash and let us select our own trash providers!
    Problem solved!

      1. @Diane – I hear what you are saying and I am not saying I agree with it….

        The actual problem here is that Bloomington doesn’t feel like picking up trash!
        IF Bloomington picked up trash, trash relocation would not happen.

        There are multiple problems created because Bloomington doesn’t feel like picking up trash!!!

    1. Bloomington’s Spring and Fall bulk-waste pickup is provided at no extra charge. Bloomington does collect bulk waste throughout the year at a cost of $25/front-end loader bucket.
      Solid waste charges for Normal residents are double those for Bloomington residents.
      Those large piles of trash are from apartment buildings where a unit has been vacated and the contents were left behind. If there is a large volume of bulk waste, it would be more cost effective to rent a dumpster.

  2. I have a solution to the trash pickup problem. We have large empty buses moving around the towns all day every day. We can designate trash dump stops and the trash will be gone almost as soon as it is put out.

  3. You gotta love the way Normal works. They passed the fire station awarded the contract THEN they tell the neighborhood they are getting it.

    as for the bird bath,and that is what it seems to be 72 thousand dollars plus for a bird bath when Normal roads are third world country status.
    Oh by the way trail will get a repave as well. Remember that when driving on the third world country roads

    Than theirs Pammy’s raise. Pam sits there doing much of nothing and making over 200 thousand a year of YOUR MONEY! Where can I get that kind of job!

  4. Pammy does not earn or deserve that salary. Kathy only voted no because she desperately is trying to hold on to the false notion that she is a republican. She’s not and never was. Remember the picture of her posing with the leftist progressive marxist democrat union school board candidates? Tells you everything you need to know. She’s one of them.

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