Update: Watch NONE of the Trustees gag tonight!

By: Diane Benjamin

Population of Normal as of 7/1/2022: 52,838 (Many ISU kids who don’t stay all year)

Bloomington reported 645 Full Time employees to the Comptroller last year (They want many more)

Normal reported 369 Full Time employees

Bloomington population is 39.5% bigger than Normal

Bloomington has 54% more employees than Normal

Now that you have some facts:

According to Open the Books in 2022:

Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason was paid $205,142. The numbers are fudged somewhat because 2020 shows $214,571.

Normal City Manager Pam Reece was paid $216,871 for managing MANY fewer employees and working for MANY fewer citizens.

Tonight Pammy gets a HUGE raise – probably without any discussion or public comments from citizens:


Citizens of Normal do get a Bird Viewing Water Feature paid for with a Grant from State Farm: PDF page 32

Maybe the water feature will also breed mosquitoes for the nearby Connie Link Amphitheatre.

5 thoughts on “Update: Watch NONE of the Trustees gag tonight!

  1. The viewing water feature is better than the McGraw Fountain which has not been operational for the last two years. Two weeks last year and no weeks this year.

  2. One of these days, no doubt there will be some commemorative fountain or statue or something for King Koos. I will walk my dog there to take a whizz.

  3. Oh- the (for the good) SF nepotistic woke gang again – How Cute !! Money funnel experts $

    Optics are everything

  4. Neither Pammy nor Timmy earn their pay. Not even half of it. They are strictly paid to continue turning BN into a leftist progressive marxist utopia.

  5. Kathleen was instructed to vote no so she can claim not to be arm n’ arm with Koos and Pam on everything. It is smoke and mirrors.

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