The IL GOP will always be a minority

By: Diane Benjamin

It is only a short time before McLean County will be taken over by Democrat Socialists. The Republicans are doing nothing to stop them. The GOP believes in working together. The local democratic socialists don’t want to work together, they want to control everything. McLean County will soon be run just like Chicago.

See this WGLT article:

County Board Chair John McIntyre is over his head and he doesn’t even know it.

I agree Donald Trump was bad for the Republican Party. He exposed all the fake Republicans. He did all this while getting 12 million more votes than in 2016 including a large number of minority voters. He grew the Republican Party while John McIntyre is shrinking it here.

Expect the Republican Party to disappear into oblivion without Trump, the Illinois GOP is already useless. Adam Kinzinger will be lucky to keep his seat in 2 years. McIntyre and Kinzinger believe a guy with dementia who hid in his basement received 80 million votes. Millions of people will never believe the election wasn’t stolen because the cases were never heard in the courts or in Congress.

Since John thinks he can work with the radicals on the County Board, here is proof he can’t:

Or maybe this RINO Republican agrees with Socialist Shayna Watchinski. Does John know they are selling T-Shirts to intimidate people who don’t fall in line with socialism?

Which is it John?

Watchinski on the County Board.

Republicans like John McIntyre, Dan Brady, Adam Kinzinger, and Jason Barickman, will make the GOP a minority party forever. They are incapable of painting with “bright colors”. Do they understand any of Trump’s accomplishments while under constant attack from the left?

He has many, here’s a few:!

Imagine what he could have accomplished for America without never Trumpers like Kinzinger. No, I wouldn’t invite Trump over for dinner, but he will go down in history as the “People’s President”.

That is why the media and the left conducted a non-stop lie campaign against him. They needed Trump gone to go back to stealing freedom. Notice the gas price rising already? Notice the illegals parading to the border already? Notice Biden playing footsie with Iran and China already?

Don’t worry though, dementia Joe is very temporary. The first black woman (who isn’t black) will soon be president. Does the left know her family had slaves?

20 thoughts on “The IL GOP will always be a minority

  1. “He’s put the average person who is a Republican, who is running for office, who still wants the Republican vote in a very bad light,”

    Are you sure about that? Are you sure it isn’t Republicans that puts the average Republican in bad light? Are you sure the party wasn’t in trouble BEFORE Trump? Did you guys suddenly decide Trump had enough spine for everyone and thus lost what little spine you had left?

    Cowards, the whole lot of you. Your party as you know it deserves to be relegated to a memory.

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  2. It’s people like John McIntyre who are and have been the problem, for a a LONG time, and yes,Trump has exposed them all for what they actually are and they hate him for it. I voted democrat for years even though I didn’t really agree with them on everything, it was the easy way out in a way. I “walked away” right after Obama was selected, I could not vote for McCain I forced myself to vote for Romney because that sort of “republican” was also not me, what I soon found was that there were many other people who were just like me, who were seeing through it all, and then Trump came along, and he seemed like someone who had been on a similar journey politically and he knew and saw them for what they really are. The awakening that Trump has done scares them to death and that’s why they hate him and why they hate all of the people who love him and look to him as a voice, a voice now largely silenced by the CCP like censoring that the average leftist seems to be either fine with or at least thinks that it’s “OK for now”.
    The people who know deep down that the election was a complete farce and are fine with it are despicable, the people who truly believe that Biden defeated Trump fairly are gullible beyond belief and fully controlled by the MSM, I’m not sure which group is worse but I think the edge has to go to the ones who KNOW there was massive fraud and are fine with it.
    To bring it back to McIntyre and his ilk, the tribe who are led by the likes of McConnell, Cheney and Murkowski they are simply denizens of the swamp, floating along, “governing” they call it, like my dad used to say, “They all eat out of the same trough and go to the same parties and we foot the bill, but we’re not invited”.

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  3. Oh and John just wants to sit at the cool kids table with Shayna and her little squad, he hasn’t realized that they are really the mean girls and boys and they will still make fun of him and his family behind his back but soon he will be JUST like them, he likely already is.

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  4. BN has always been a “go along to get along community”. Actually, it is a microcosm of D.C. Political and business competitors continually play footsie with each other. They attend the same functions, run in the same circles and continually bend over backwards to protect the business and political status quo. I’m over sixty and can truly not remember a true leader that ever graced this community. Never an effort to move the community forward, never an effort to diversify the economy, never a concern with weeding out local bad actors. Get up, do the least I can possibly do on my job for the day and come home and get drunk while watching TV. It’s BN for over fifty years. It’s finally collapsing and rightly so due to its own indifference. People concerned with doing something about it were always shut out. All these screws deserve each other and their fate. Screw them all.

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    1. Agreed, and I’ll add that the local GOP/Republicans whatever are basically the Washington Generals for the Democrat Globetrotters, just there to put on a show and be humiliated but get paid for it.

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  5. Trump put republicans in a “bad light”? Let’s get this straight.

    92% of all stories run in the MSM for four years about Trump were negative. In the run up to the election I’m sure it was 100%. (“What peace deals in the middle east?”)
    The number of positive stories about Trump in our local paper for four years? Zero.

    Their sole and even their expressed purpose in life, their reason for existence, was to paint Trump and anyone that voted for him in a bad light. They would, and they did avenge Hillary, by ANY means necessary.

    Any republican who says differently now has only one thing in mind – Knowing what they were willing to do to Trump, how do I keep them off my precious back?

    They are politicians of the worst kind. Backstabbing Cowards.
    Just know this. You will end up with less republicans voting for you and not a single democrat, if that’s what you’re hoping for. Keep you day job my friend, or grow a backbone, we don’t need the likes of you.

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    1. Kinzinger will just move and take his John McCain maverick act to another location. The way he sees it, there are plenty of people left to fool. His military service was as phoney as Kerry’s and he was trained in scum baggery by the best in Tim Johnson. Eventually he’ll change party’s as long as it takes him to political nirvana. He was mad at Trump because Donald didn’t care who he thought he was and wasn’t asked to the parties he wanted to be to make more connections. Adam wants to be a Governor somewhere and then be President. That was and has always been the plan. He’ll deny it but it’s the truth.

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  6. Well everyone here should get a psychiatric evaluation. It seems that you all have a problem with reality. There was an election Trump lost to Biden by a significant amount: Biden’s 51.38% 81,281,891 of the popular votes and 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 74,223,254 popular votes 46.91% of the popular vote and 232 electoral votes. That’s called LOSING an election by landslide. Absolutely none of the charges of election fraud stood up to legal scrutiny. None. The state of Georgia hand counted all votes three times with the same result, Biden won that state. Same with Wisconsin, the Trump campaign paid for a recount with Biden actually gaining a few votes. Trump lost the election. Period.

    Trump also suborned and incited an insurrection to stop the peaceful transfer of power. That is one of the most heinous acts that any president living or dead has perpetrated on this country. Perhaps people here live in a fantasy world were facts don’t penetrate your collective bubbles. Well there are facts and nothing here is close to the real world, where a new president will be sworn into office and the rest of the country will move on with real world problems like pandemics and an economic collapse with high unemployment. Trump left a huge mess.

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    1. Still you steal a TV script from Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper? I suggest you open your mind to real research and investigations that were already done. Biden’s legit numbers come in more around 60 million give or take versus 82 that people like you like to quote. None of the “evidence” was heard because no court wanted to hear it. All are scared what the real facts are. More than 77 percent of people polled by Rasmussen believe, even liberals, believe to some degree the election was not totally on the up and up. Didn’t your side think the election was dishonest in 2016, 2000 and 1996 or you just have selective memory? You should be happy, Joe’s in by hook or crook. Life is good starting Wednesday. Trump is gone so your life gets better shortly after lunch. Enjoy your freedoms as they are eroded the next time you are on the other end and you whine like a barnyard pig. I’m fine. I’ll be outta here sooner than later. Give me an update tommorow morning what I missed on Rachel Maddow.

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    2. Alex – I was never a Trump fan. I cringed every moment he was on t.v. or twitter. But I ask you this……Reply back if you really think Hunter Biden and Joe did not accept money from China in an illegal, unethical, and shady ass kind of way. Over half of the U.S. overlooked this fact during the election – thanks in part to our media. Why? Because they hated Trump. I accept Trump lost. I accept the Biden-Harris administration. I wish them well….which is probably above what you did for Trump. But I really would love for someone of your high moral standing to say …..The Biden’s did not accept money from China in order to enrich themselves. Go ahead….try to say those words….without choking…and get back to us. The crimes the democrats allege against Trump —-really shy in comparison to our new President. Sad times.

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  7. At least one state violated its own constitution regarding mail-in ballots. I’m glad you’re A-OK with state governments waving off their constitutions when they feel like it, but I’m not. And millions of other people aren’t OK with it, either.

    And that’s reality, bucko. Get used to it. You fools spent 4 years reeing about “he’s not MY president” and now you think you aren’t going to get any of that back? Clueless, as usual.

    And while we’re at it, the President must pay dearly for “inciting an insurrection,” but the Speaker of the House, the VP elect, and various other federal politicians are just fine not only inciting, but supporting, encouraging, and in Harris’ case, helping to get rioters bailed out of jail. And lets not even start on how racist Omar and Tlaib are.

    Sit down, you ass clown, your hypocrisy is showing and your credibility is garbage.

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  8. I pray for America. We are loosing our freedoms at a fast pace. Trump was a great President. I fear we will never see an honest election again. Sad!

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  9. Mclean County GOP was formerly a well oiled machine. Now full of timid ,old j,udgemental bible humper hypocrites that backstab their own ! Gotta hand it to the Dems- they know how to stick together , stay on msg, ACTIVELY promote and recruit and appoint like minded people to positions and build a bench. Connie Beard really should resign.

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