Koos in campaign mode

By: Diane Benjamin

Koos must think lots of people approve of what happened at the US Capital. Hint Chris: They don’t. The videos released over the weekend are outrageous and every participant should be prosecuted.

If Koos’s real intent was to vilify the locals who went to DC on January 6th he doesn’t support the Constitution. None of the people on the trip were near or in the capital building and the 1st Amendment gives them the right to peaceably address grievances. Koos’ view of Public Comment proves he doesn’t believe it.

I wonder if Koos thinks Democrats were insurrectionists when they objected to electors 3 times since 2001? https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/01/04/in-past-20-years-democrats-objected-3-times-to-electoral-college-certifications/

Outrageous and damaging lies about the election Chris? Again Chris doesn’t believe in the Constitution. The Constitution clearly says State legislators make election law. At least 4 states changed their election laws without the approval of the legislatures. 7 states sent multiple slates of electors. None of these issues were heard because the violence shut down the challenges. Is Chris demanding answers to the videos that look a lot like the police waving people into the capital?

What ACTION do you plan to take Chris?

Tell people who don’t agree with your grand plans to sit down and shut up?

Accuse locals of inciting violence?

I hear a speech coming at the Council meeting tonight. I hope he remembers his party NEVER accepted the results of the 2016 election. His party spent 4+ years lying about Trump. I bet he leaves that out of his speech.

Never let a good crisis go to waste Chris?

12 thoughts on “Koos in campaign mode

  1. Divisive rhetoric at a time when we should be coming together. I expect my local leaders to focus on local issues, state leaders on state issues, and national leaders on national issues. If Koos wants to spend local taxpayer money on state and federal issues he should drop out of the local race and run for a higher office.

    Our state and country have gotten into the mess we are in because elected nincompoops develop a “king complex” and overstep their authority and purpose for the existence of their office. Our governor, many mayors, and many councilpersons in Illinois are guilty of this.

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  2. Mayor Koos,
    Many people are of the opinion that the last-minute changes to election methods and last-minute changes of election law should have been given more time to be looked at closely. They should have been separated from partisan judgement and a fire hose of media opinion. They deserve more time than the minutes long evaluations that most of the legal reviews took.
    Just as we saw with the censorship of facts about the Biden family prior to the election, we will see a truer picture of what happened in the election AFTER Joe Biden sits in the White House. Sadly, that is the world we live in today. Truth and censorship do not co-exist. Censorship IS a form of lying.
    Mayor you sound like you have an agenda against people who have a difference of opinion about recent election events. Taking “action” and showing that you are “stronger” seem to be a kind of “incitement” to violence. Your party has defined that word recently, so you’ll have to live by it.
    You have also decided to label all who don’t agree with you as” insurrectionists”, calling on them to either agree with you or accept their label and be acted against. You are wrong and this only serves to further divide our community.

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  3. I agree with the above comment and would add to it how bloated our government has become. So many needless committees, working groups, and agencies. Not to mention, so many needless laws. Our government has long since forgotten the liberty part of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The founding father’s stopped spinning in their graves a long time ago, because they were spinning so much they turned to dust and nothing’s left.

    Speaking of needless, I laughed out loud reading WEEK praising CONnect Transit on having a job fair. How in the ever loving f**k does a business losing over $1 million a month need any new employees? At this point, I believe a bonfire using $100 bills would be a better use of taxpayer money.

    It’s gonna be a long four years.

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  4. To be perfectly clear…Koos is calling anyone who has republican tendencies his enemy and is publicly advocating for the council, and therefore the Town of Normal, to make them an official enemy.

    Oh my!

    I am not a Trumper, but what Koos is inciting is dangerous.

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    1. Maybe you should look closer and you might realize that you are ARE a “Trumper”. I know it’s hard to switch gears, especially when you have been in the same “easy” gear for so long, but it’s worth it my friend, trust me, it’s worth it, despite all of the slings and arrows you may face from the “tolerant”left, you will likely find your “home” with the ‘Trumpers”. You have taken the first step by seeing that that side, the side that Koos and his type are on, is dangerous.


  5. Heinous act #1 Keeping a bicycle shop OPEN and possibly spreading COVID among the population, while watching your FELLOW citizens/businessmen suffer.
    Arrogance-see #1


    1. Koos is waiting on the results of his survey from Progressive Cities and what his consultants tell him to do before putting out any yard signs.

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  6. Mayor Koos seems to think the protests last summer were peaceful and about justice and equity. Those protests killed three dozen people injured over a thousand police officers and did two billion in damage. And don’t forget the five Dallas police officers gunned down at BLM protests. Than he has the stupidity to equate Martin Luther King Jr with those violent protests which he would of opposed.

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