Did you know there is an election going on NOW?

By: Diane Benjamin

Of course you didn’t. At least 50% of Bloomington-Normal won’t know there is an election on April 6th either.

If you go to the Bloomington Election Commission website (becvote.org) you still won’t know there is early voting going on now for Ward 7. Five people are running which triggered a primary on February 23rd but since this is Illinois early voting is happening without anyone knowing about it or the candidates. You have to click on elections and choose from there for information.

These are the five candidates:

I can tell you who would destroy you while claiming to be the voice of the people. It is nice of them to run as a team. If you like socialism (that has never worked anywhere) these are who to vote for:

These 4 have a great chance of taking over Bloomington since you already have two socialists on the Council. They are knocking on doors, listening to “the people”, and pretending POWER isn’t the ultimate goal.

If you want to dial 911 and not get an answer because police have been defunded, vote for socialism.

10 thoughts on “Did you know there is an election going on NOW?

  1. Coretta L Jackson is the best choice for citizens who like. the USA. Jackson is American and believes in freedom
    and justice. The others are just minions of Renner and Carillio , socialist ,and only want the juice and power that comes from elected office.


  2. Simple! NONE OF THE ABOVE! It’s a SAD day when the BEST this city can come up with is the Chicago “dregs” that they send down here to “take care of things” and spread their agenda. IF socialism is SO DAMN GREAT, then WHY do people leave socialist countries to flee to ANY other country?
    Come on TOM, say something stupid, I KNOW you want to..


  3. Any candidate that has the future of the community at heart would publish a position paper on all issues affecting the City. If they choose not to, they are not taking the position seriously and are not running to serve the community. This should include any and all candidates.


  4. The nutjobs seem to always know when elections are held and have candidates at the ready, to come off the bench. They wait for a sleepy candidate and/or an election on an odd day, bring out their candidate and show up en mass to vote. These folks are well-organized, grassroots, and have an amazing ground game. The average decent, fair-minded resident doesn’t want to run for office because they don’t want to be labeled an ism and attacked all over social media, nor have their family deal with the pressures of campaigning, let alone holding office. Add to that, if elected, you must deal with at least two sitting Council members that do not want to talk about anything other than social justice issues and protesting one thing or another.

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