The Socialist Team:

By: Diane Benjamin

Want the Jenn’s running the Bloomington City Council?

Her buddies are running as a team.

Here is a little of what you can expect if they win:

Must not be too popular, that was the only response.

They had to respond to themselves.





7 thoughts on “The Socialist Team:

  1. Put ALL these folks in an electric car, give it a plutonium reactor power source and send them off. This kind of “social pampering” might be wanted /needed in say, San Francisco, Seattle, LA or even Chicago, but here in central Illinois, we’d rather have good infrastructure, better roads, less government, lower taxes and more responsible LEADERSHIP, and not just some smartie-smart who can change the world by going back to using a non-electric pencil sharpener!


  2. The money behind them doesn’t care who wins as long as they win and they will win because they have no morals or conscience. In the end it will not matter because what they will rule over is a community of the self-centered, untalented, and unskilled. Their subjects will be street criminals, sexual perverts, unemployable hand-out artists and grievance mongers. Their palaces will be crack houses, empty businesses and storefronts, title-cash stores, and the Salvation Army. Their roads paved with gold will be irreparable streets and sidewalks populated by panhandlers and crackheads plus braindead college students. People like you and I will continue to find an alternative green pasture because we can and we will and live the rest of our lives among those that live and think the same must like the new overseers choose with theirs. On the way out stop and say thanks to people like Dan Brady, the Dobski Family, Mike Matetkja and John Penn at the union hall along with other numerous local power brokers and phonies that let it happen and wanted it to happen.

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    1. I don’t think you’re far off, M. The elitists in Bloomington continue doing everything they possibly can to prevent and impede progress, growth, and innovation. Pre-COVID, the local economy was stagnant at-best with the shifting of tech and senior management personnel at Big Red to other hubs, coupled with rising fees, taxes, and regulatory hoops for businesses to jump through. Not sure who would consider starting or growing a business in Bloomington given the terrible leadership in City Hall, complete apathy for business owners (unless they’re in the old boys club), and declining quality of human capital. Who or what is going to lead the recovery in Bloomington after things open up? A 90 year old insurance company? The 3,000th restaurant? So glad I left many years ago.

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      1. Will be joining you in four years maximum or less. BN and Illinois totally unsalvageable. Already looking for land in a secure red state. Kids are elsewhere. Could care if this place burns to the ground. Sick of the people and the excuses.


  3. Diane,
    I was told that the Faith In Action volunteers were registered for the Covid vaccine ‘as a group’ by FIA. They were placed ahead of others. Many have no contact with other FIA volunteers nor seniors. FIA volunteers have appointments this week.

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  4. They call themselves “People First Coalition” but if you listen, they say, “we will work for US” instead of we will work for (serve) YOU. Contradiction? Appears to be about grabbing power.

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