Another “You can’t make this stuff up”

By: Diane Benjamin

This guy is running for the Decatur City Council:

He also posted this:

Girdler’s pic shows he could have been high when he wrote the above. Truth is immaterial since the local group wasn’t at the capital when it was attacked and democrats have questioned electors 3 times since 2001.

Pesky facts!

Girdler’s second paragraph are the rantings of a leftist throwing out meaningless buzz words. Blumenshine is none of the accusations.

It looks look like fiscal responsibility, opposing massive debt, and ending insider deals is now terrorism to the left.

I’d really like to know how Girdler knows Chemberly Cummings and why he is campaigning for her in Decatur. Does Chemberly agree with his agenda? Other than bobble-head voting, what has Chemberly accomplished the last 4 years? Does Girdler not say the Pledge of Allegiance too?

Isn’t the choice between David Paul Blumenshine and Chemberly Cummings really clear now?

Just in case it isn’t – the local socialists:

.Just in case it isn’tThatThat




8 thoughts on “Another “You can’t make this stuff up”

  1. He did quite well managing to insert just about every tired leftist cliche he possibly could though in such a short bit of writing, there IS that. He could have added that there will be robust measures in place to insure a safe and secure election, that would have been a nice touch…

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  2. Clearly I am way too old to understand Marc Girdler’s campaign platform…LOL! And yes, I literally laugh out loud at some of the stuff that is going on these days.

    For example, I recently read about “Joints for Jabs” where they would be giving away weed to “reward” folks for being good little followers and getting the COVID shot.. That makes me wonder, why do they need to entice folks with “free weed” to get the shot if it is such a great idea?

    Also love all of the references to the “free” COVID shot. NOTHING is free!! Taxpayers have paid a ton for these COVID shots (and SOMEONE is getting very rich) but now they can’t hardly give away the shots? They have to incentivize people to get the shot with some “free” weed.


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  3. Hypocrite is too light of a word for democrats when they pull our leash and demand that we come to heel about the things we get upset about.


    1. I would pose this question to democrats, and I think they would answer me honestly.
      Imagine that Trump is getting ready to be sworn in. What would be the tone of democrat leaders and our nation right now?
      Using violence to get your way is not the answer.

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  4. WOW! And here I always thought the ole Bill Graham Fillmore posters were about psychedelic as you could get!!
    This guy sounds so whacked out that he’d PROBABLY vote for Stalin if he was running!

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  5. I’m waiting for Not in Our Town to have a candle vigil in support of Trump voters who are being stereotyped We are being called Isis, Taliban, domestic terrorists by local radicals. Where are you Mike Matejka?

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