Local Democrats show they are pro-baby murder

By:  Diane Benjamin

This item was on the Consent Agenda for the County Board meeting yesterday:    https://mcleancountyil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/6509

This was merely a renewal of an existing lease for the Child Advocacy Center in Livingston County.  Since it was on the Consent Agent it wasn’t anything controversial and was passed the previous year with no discussion.

What is the Children’s Advocacy Center?

Is has NOTHING to do with abortions, they are merely renting space from a Pro-Life Organization


Democrat County Board member Laurie Wollrab pulled this from the Consent Agenda. Even though she voted for it last year, now she opposes it because of where it is located.

Her comment is around 13: 00 followed by a roll call vote requested by Logan Smith.  Logan, is it true you graduated from the Alternative School because you were bullied?  So, you got into politics because NO bullying happens there?

The audio:


DEMOCRATS:  Sharon Chung, Laurie Wollrab, Logan Smith, Shayna Watchkinski all voted against renewing the lease strictly for political purposes!  Babies must be murdered, so they voted against funding a location to help abused living children only because of where it is located.

God forbid people find out there are alternatives to killing babies before they have a chance to take a breath! 

Elections have consequences, what other national policies will the local Democrats want considered?  Maybe the Green New Deal to take away every right you have?  Gun Confiscation?  Make McLean County a sanctuary for illegal aliens?

Pulling this benign item proves these 4 are radicals.  Carlos Robustelli was absent, would he have voted against it too?

The local Democrats have proven they are part of the death culture in the State of Illinois and the National Democrat Party.  The State Democrats want Illinois to be the Abortion Capital of the Midwest.  Citizens are now forced to pay for murder!

Saturday is a National Day Mourning for the 60+ million people who were murdered by abortion.  See this website:  https://www.dayofmourning.org/

You won’t hear about in the media.


6 thoughts on “Local Democrats show they are pro-baby murder

  1. Only 5 now, but in 4 years it will be 8 Marxists on the County Board, then 10, then a majority. That’s what illegals, voter fraud, and the relentless demographic disintegration of our society does. And Bingo!, Caracas On the Prairie. I used to say San Fransisco On the Prairie, but things are now much, MUCH worse. People will die……and not just unborn infants.

  2. Calros Robustelli is just another transplant from Hales country. Showed up on the scene and got into local politics. Think about it.

    1. Take it one step further Cavewoman and I credit you with coining the new phrase Pro Choice IS Pro Murder. Meme it, tweet it, repeat it, pray it goes viral.

  3. The pro death, pro abortion culture in Illinois found its strongest ally in Bruce Rauner, a so called Republican.

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