One more thing about Bloomington last Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Someplace on the video is Tim Gleason claiming working with Normal is a high priority.  I really don’t want to re-watch it again to find the exact spot.

Meanwhile, Normal is poaching two Bloomington businesses:  Farnsworth and AFNI.  Both plan to relocate in the new controversial Uptown Circle building.

Normal is also building a north-east fie station.  Bloomington wants to build one not that far away.  They could have worked together to build one in an optimal location for both.

They didn’t.

Until Koos and Renner are gone they never will.


5 thoughts on “One more thing about Bloomington last Monday

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if more businesses look to make the move to Normal. Especially if Bloomington keeps up this trend of not being business friendly.

  2. Liberals stealing from liberals. Does Tari care that large employers are leaving his City? He’s devoted more energy and political capital toward bike lanes and illegal immigration ordinances than strengthening the business and commercial tax base. The only time he addresses businesses is when he wants more of their money (e.g. business license) or tells them what to do. How many more employers and jobs have to leave before Tari and the Council stop wasting time on low priorities and address the obvious local economic decline? It’s bad enough companies are leaving for other states…now his neighbor, Koos, is stealing them away.

  3. Tari and Koos DESERVE each other! Birds of a feather,,,,,,
    BOTH towns are NOT business friendly! And with Jelly Belly making the minimum wage $15 an hour, you’re going to a LOT of small business go by the wayside. And MANY of those people that WILL be making $15 an hour are NOT worth it. You HAVE to show up first!! Ask ANY employer about getting “GOOD” help..

    1. Spot on, Townie! I’m surprised the Slantagraph covered the backlash from local businesses, including Downtown and Uptown businesses. Let’s see how liberal they are after the minimum wage hike really sets in.

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