History Friday

By: Diane Benjamin

One hundred years ago tomorrow America celebrated the 300th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock. Tomorrow should be celebrated as the 400th anniversary, but those re-writing history don’t want celebrations. The enemies within want to destroy the civil and religious freedoms that formed the United States.

In case you think the Pilgrims came here and slaughtered the natives, read more here: https://www.mayflowercompact.org/

America began with a covenant – the Mayflower Compact. America is the only country founded believing men could govern themselves using the GOD-giving rights they were born with. The Pilgrims sailed across an ocean for civil and religious freedom. The Reformation had changed the world, the Pilgrims wanted the freedom to worship God with Biblical principles instead of what a king demanded.

It took the Pilgrims 67 days to cross the ocean. It was a treacherous journey that eventually led them to Provincetown harbor. This became the second permanent settlement, the first being Jamestown.

Believers have been making covenants with God since the beginning of time. America began with a covenant, that proclamation is the foundation for everything that followed. The Constitution came from the covenant made by the Pilgrims.

What the Pilgrims believed:

God is the source of law and liberty. The acknowledgment of God is the starting place for just laws and governments. Just government does not exist apart from God.

There is a natural progression of authority. It begins with Almighty God, is entrusted to authorities like the King to safeguard on behalf of the people. But ultimately it resides with the people.

The purpose of civil government was not to aggregate power for the elite. Nor was it for national glory. The principle purpose was to advance the Christian religion.

Mayflower Compact Day was once a celebrated event. Americans gave thanks for the origins of republican self government under God. November 21, 2020, marks the 400th anniversary of the signing of the compact.

At the base of the Pilgrim Monument is a marker which explains:

“On November 21st, 1620, The Mayflower, carrying 102 passengers, men, women and children, cast anchor in this harbor 67 days from Plymouth, England. The same day the 41 adult males in the company solemnly covenanted and combined themselves together ‘into a civil body politick.’

Built in 1889


America is still the country people flee to for liberty. We must remember why, those destroying freedom will be held accountable by God. They are breaking the covenant.

7 thoughts on “History Friday

  1. Diane,
    Thank you for the history lesson. We need to remember where we came from during times like this.
    My 7th great grandfather came to Plymouth in 1630 on a ship similar to the Mayflower.

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  2. My Great a few times over was on the Mayflower. Sir Francis Cooke. With all of the discussion of tearing down statues my pride in that fact has really been diminished, but this article has brought it back to life. Thank you!

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