Bloomington Pays more SLBB

By: Diane Benjamin

Someday SLBB is going to end. It cost you MILLIONS because employees were allowed to spike their pensions which meant additional funds had to be paid into the retirement system. Add that to the MILLIONS spent on a never used fire station and more spent on a never used water tower. Add in many more MILLIONS for the Coliseum that was a minor success for a year or two. (Figure out LIMTED GOVERNMENT yet?)

More Sick Leave Buy Back:

Why is this charged to Economic Development?

Jeff Crabill’s council initiative to ban shutting off utilities appears to be unnecessary. Bloomington paid them for a bunch of people with money from the Federal Government:

Just Interest:

Seriously? A Wire transfer for 12 cents?

Now for the good news:

Somebody at City Hall reads this site. See PDF page 134 and following. PCard charges have some detail instead of just a total as a wire transfer. The detail isn’t as good as it used to be, but at least it’s something.

The bad news:

Amazon was paid $12,734.11 and $7,320.01. Long lists of charges are included with ZERO detail.

More bad news:

All of these wire transfers to Commerce bank have ZERO detail. Evidently you don’t have the right to know how your money is spent. Wire transfers used to be printed with details.

8 thoughts on “Bloomington Pays more SLBB

  1. Question how do you know it’s spiked their pension maybe it got paid out after retirement. Just saying.

    1. You’d have to read the latest employee contracts. The spiking should be eliminated because the sick leave and vacation days are paid after the retirement date. I believe the accumulated sick leave is now put in an HSA.
      It is true that private companies do not have this SLBB practice, but at least the accelerated payments to IMRF have ended.

  2. There being payed out unused sick leave at I think like 60 percent of there going out wage. My wife works at country and they also pay out unused pto

  3. I don’t think so. My thinking is your getting 100 percent if you’re sick versus 60 percent if u save it. I think the guys are good about not spreading sickness. Especially now

    1. Here is the devil’s advocate side:

      You work while sick (although few people are in the office) and you get paid the 100% at the time and get paid 60% on top of it. It could entice those who physically could come in but shouldn’t to prevent the spread to go in. Plus, for those who still have a lot of earnings growth, that 60% is paid out at your final salary, which is generally higher.

      Big private employers and even smaller businesses and organizations have switched to a PTO bank. So you don’t tend to have separate sick time .

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