More on Normal last Monday

By: Diane Benjamin Want to know why taxpayers have to pay $51,290 to make Uptown Circle ADA compliant? Somebody filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General who investigated and told Normal it doesn’t comply. Evidently that person did not approach the Town first. The biggest item is adding a handrail, but the ramp is […]

Bloomington Pays more SLBB

By: Diane Benjamin Someday SLBB is going to end. It cost you MILLIONS because employees were allowed to spike their pensions which meant additional funds had to be paid into the retirement system. Add that to the MILLIONS spent on a never used fire station and more spent on a never used water tower. Add […]

Ameren problems anyone?

By:  Diane Benjamin I frequently get tips from readers, I really appreciate it since I can’t be everywhere!  One note:  Don’t send me anonymous tips in the mail and think I am going to research your issue.  I need people willing to talk, I don’t have time for goose chases.  I’m also really good at […]