3 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


Biological males are using female restrooms at Normal Community. The rights of females are immaterial. Cancel culture cancelled the right to privacy for females.


Refer back to this story: https://blnnews.com/2023/02/22/proof-normals-staff-runs-the-town/

Remember all those “community” meetings Normal had to hear what people wanted to see in Uptown South?

The email Mercy Davidson sent to a developer in July of 2022 proves those meetings were just for show. She was soliciting housing developers long before those meetings were held. Normal conducted a show just to appear to be listening to taxpayers.

Planning to vote on or before April 4th? This nonsense doesn’t end until you elect representatives instead of bobbleheads: Nord, Tiritilli, Sila.


There was one Public Comment at the end of Normal’s Council meeting last Monday by Ron Ulmer. He has been concerned for a long time about street lighting at night in Normal. The Town keeps claiming they don’t control how fast Ameren fixes pole lights that haven’t worked for years. This is a Public Safety issue. Ron is especially concerned about the Towanda Avenue bridge over UPRR railroad tracks. Ron claimed they haven’t worked in 10 years and Pam Reece has blamed Ameren for at least 1.

The Town of Normal is an Ameren customer. How about withholding payments from them until lights are fixed or Normal has enough money to fix them themselves? Public Safety!

Just hit play:

7 thoughts on “3 things you need to know

  1. This is who is under attack at Unit 5 schools:
    *White students & teachers/staff since they signed onto Diversity Equity Inclusion
    *Straight students & teachers staff since they opted into Comprehensive Sex Education & Diversity Equity Inclusion
    *Students who strive for and are capable of academic excellence. Unit 5 no longer cares about academic excellence.
    ◇◇Get your children and grandchildren out of Unit 5 and District 87 schools. Homeschool or private school.
    ◇◇For the children who are stuck in Unit 5, Vote for Amee Jada, Mollie Emery, Dennis Frank and Brad Wurth.

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  2. Young women have enough to deal with in school. nchs is showing their disregard for the young ladies and contributing to the decline of womens rights that have been so hard fought for. Shame, shame to nchs.
    Less students, more money?

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  3. The Unit 5 policy only applies to students who have already legally changed their gender on an official document, such as a birth certificate or driver’s license, or who have a certified diagnosis of “gender dysphoria.” Individuals with gender dysphoria exhibit an extreme discomfort with their gender of birth.

    Curt Richardson, the director of Human Resources and attorney for Unit 5 schools, said the rights of transgender students represent a “developing area of the law.” He said Unit 5 wanted to be “in the forefront” of addressing the students’ concerns. So you bullying transgenders against the law.


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