CIRA is back to wanting County money

By: Diane Benjamin

The Peoria Journal Star reported on a study that claims Illinois is the WORST state for taxes:

The exodus from Illinois will continue when it is MUCH cheaper to move than stay in Illinois.

Since every other level of government wants more money, CIRA is joining the party. See this story from 2018:

Back then CIRA found a legislator to sponsor a bill in Springfield that would allow them to tax the County taxpayers instead of just Bloomington-Normal. Read that story – Chris Koos loved the idea! That bill went nowhere.

Now they have found Dave Koehler to try the same bill again:

CIRA has close to ZERO transparency!

See what they do reveal here:

I don’t see any financial information or annual audit.

The minutes don’t say the airport is in financial trouble, in fact traffic is up. I didn’t see anything in the minutes about asking Koehler to sponsor this bill either. The chances of Dave Koehler coming up with this on his own however are ZERO.

The Illinois taxpayer fleece marches on!



One thought on “CIRA is back to wanting County money

  1. Not being rude but…no surprise here. All the big shot big money “leaders” and deep pocket folks that get whatever they want and are “pilots” with planes and enthusiasts ask and it is received. Same things as money funnel. Easy to get. Fun for them. Sick really. Same people in county and B-N and Downs. (New 55 and over retirement folks with big bucks.)

    Look to your own politicians and ISU alumni. Fakes in high places. Get whatever they want. And now their grown kids follow same path amd narrative and hobbies.

    “For the kids”. $$$

    Discernment is something the county and leadership lacks.

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