Leroy passed a resolution opposed to CIRA last time

By: Diane Benjamin

Every small town in McLean County should pass the same resolution now. See what Leroy passed in 2018 when CIRA wanted to tax the entire County:

Not everyone who uses CIRA lives in McLean County but they aren’t being taxed. Every small town and city in the County can’t afford to have CIRA take more money from the residents. It would hurt their economies.

Do you live in McLean County outside of Bloomington-Normal? Send this to your council and demand they pass this resolution.

Dave Koehler introduced a bill just like the one in 2018: https://blnnews.com/2023/02/27/cira-is-back-to-wanting-county-money/

When they pass this resolution they should have another one opposed to paying for the Bloomington Election Commission. Everyone in the County is paying for it now. It needs abolished.



2 thoughts on “Leroy passed a resolution opposed to CIRA last time

  1. CIRA is a really great little airport. Close, convenient, clean and modern. The people who work there are friendly and capable and thoughtful . Great approaches and facilities. For operators . Yet, when I look at all the trips I’ve taken over the last 10 years (and there have been a lot) I realize that I’ve only used the airport once or twice in that time. And the worst trip experience for me over the last 20 years have come as a result of those connector flights. CIRA never has flights that align to where I’m going. The economics, risk and hassle of catching a connection to other hubs just isn’t worth it. It doesn’t change the fact that I am tapped out on higher Illinois taxes of every kind. No thanks. Could be that shortcomings at the airport budgets are also a result of the massive failure in ability to attract and retain business to the area. Without true economic development the airport becomes little more than a convenience for those who can operate their own aircraft. Make due. Trim back operations and mission. Convert some space to the massive bus barns blooming claims to need. Just quit asking me to pay for more things I don’t use and don’t need.. But that’s only one opinion…..

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