Remember Normal’s Energy Audit?

By:  Diane Benjamin

This story is from April 21, 2020:

The story proves Normal’s claim of being environmentally friendly is false.  To be labeled an Energy Star building it must be rated at least 75, 11 Uptown on rated 43.  The rating is based on energy consumption as compared to other like buildings.  That number is appalling for a Town who pushes environmental efficiencies on everybody else.  The biggest problem was simple to fix – use LED bulbs and turn lights off when nobody needs them.

Ron Ulmer, a frequent public comment participant and former candidate for the board of trustees, wrote the following.  His qualifications are:

For over 3 years I was Illinois Power’s (now Ameren) commercial lighting program manager. The program included performing free lighting audits to ensure lighting was efficient and appropriate for the application.
Ron sent this report to every elected official and Department Head in Normal.  He doesn’t hold back his disdain for the hypocrisy of Town leaders.  Every citizen forced to pay the utility bills should feel the same way as Ron.  Note Ameren could have done for FREE what Normal paid the University of Illinois $15,000 to do.
Energy efficiency 1Energy efficiency 2

8 thoughts on “Remember Normal’s Energy Audit?

  1. Uptown is a marketing tool. The costs associated with it are part of the cost of marketing ISU to students and their parents.

    They don’t care about energy usage

    The Koos Cabal only cares about the public image that is being presented.

    It’s a movie set…. So shut up and enjoy your Uptown movie set because you are paying for it.

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  2. They way Normal wastes money with no remorse is embarrassing. What is the point of having council members? They are even is a waste – they let this crap happen again and a again, and all we hear from them is @crickets”. I can hear Lorenz’s going on a diatribe defending how financially responsible and conservative Normal is. I call B.S. This whole group needs to go.

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  3. Look for Koos to berate Ulmer on local stations. When you hear or read what Koos says just ask yourself this question: Who do I believe. A man(Ulmer) who knows from years of experience what he is talking about or a man (Koos) who we all know has lied and lied and lied in the past?

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