UPDATE: What the media didn’t tell you

Pritzker is judge shopping in Federal Court.  He is attempting to transfer Darren Bailey’s Clay County case.  Bailey filed against the move, his lawyer believes the Feds will refuse and the case will be decided in Clay County – just not today.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Rep Darren Bailey was tossed out of the House meeting yesterday in Springfield for refusing to wear a mask.  Dan Brady voted YES.  That isn’t the whole story.

Bailey does frequent Facebook Live events to keep people updated.  He reported the tables in the rented center were set up 10 feet apart.  He also reported last night that others on the floor didn’t keep their masks on while in the building.  Some stepped outside to smoke and took their masks off.  Others took off masks to talk on the phone.  Obviously Bailey is a target since he is suing the Pritzker for his illegal actions.  A judge in Clay County should be issuing a ruling tomorrow.

Bailey also reported the House did NOTHING yesterday.  He is warning that Pritzker and Madigan may be trying to get the assembly to pass legislation saying the same thing as Pritzker’s orders.  Tyranny may not be over.

The Edgar County Watchdogs have a story and video:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/disregard-for-life-was-gov-pritzker-talking-about-rep-bailey-or-rep-deluca

This one is huge and you will never hear it from the media:


Remember the video of Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor fired in Ukraine?


Biden wanted him fired because he was investigating Burisma Holdings who was paying his son Hunter MILLIONS to be on the Board of Directors.

The fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, convinced the Ukraine government to investigate.



The video below has audio of phone calls between Joe Biden, John Kerry (former Secretary of State), and the former President of Ukraine talking about getting rid of the prosecutor before Biden’s visit.  This is a press conference in Ukraine, closed captioning is provided since it isn’t in English.  Scroll through the video to places where pictures of Kerry and Biden are on the screen.  Their comments are in English.

I’m only posting this information for those planning to vote for Biden.  You deserve to know the truth and you won’t get it from the Democratic Press.

Attn:  Normal

If you previously opted-out of electrical aggregation you need to do it again.  I’m getting reports of the supplier opting everybody in under the new contract.








14 thoughts on “UPDATE: What the media didn’t tell you

  1. Electrical Aggregation is nothing more than a money laundering and corruption. Kickbacks are given in the name of “Administrative Fees”. We the voters were dupped I to voting for this scheme and those communities who voted it in created ordinances with the help of the aggregators who stand to profit from this. Therefore the ordinance s require all electrical customers to be included by default and once you get your notice from the aggregator you only have 14 days to remove your account. This allows the aggregateor to capture the entire community should no one think to opt out thus more money in their pocket. They claim they need the entire population so they can have more bargaining power. If your community is dealing with Mark Pruitt you need to investigate him further. There is an IL Office of Ethics investigation on him and it is not good. You already have the ability to negotiate your own electrical rate Not to mention several studies have been done and proven that you really don’t save any money.

  2. I opted out once. Then I got another letter saying that if i didn’t opt out, I was in. I opted out again and gave them (due to inflation) my 10 cents worth.

  3. I don’t know what it will take you and any of your readers to take this pandemic seriously. Not being able to say goodbye to a love one before they die in person but through a phone call? Or having to identify a deceased husband or wife by photograph in a text? Or maybe not actually having a funeral because this virus is so deadly. The governor’s efforts saving lives plain and simple. Illinois is still at the top three states in infections of COV-19. State Representative Bailey should be leading by example, instead he choose to grandstand.

      1. I too believe that would be the best solution – I am convinced that some people should never leave their own homes anyway (Have thought that for a long time)

      2. That’s not an answer. That’s further evidence that you don’t take this pandemic seriously. Real people are dying, they’re fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, they are not some abstract numbers. What if you or your husband caught the virus? Or you? Or anyone’s who is commenter here or their significant other? You’re in the right age bracket to have very serious symptoms of COV-19. From pneumonia that’s been called 2019 novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP) to life threatening blood clots, heart attacks and strokes. I guess you and your readers don’t believe that they are at risk. Anyone can catch this virus. No one on this comment board is immune.

    1. Paqrat. The three things you site are courtsey of tsar Pritzker and his failed leadership. I am sorry you could not do these important and emotional family events. No doubt you understand and support how tsar Pritzker determined his family trips to Florida and Wisconsin to his horse farms as well as determining bike shops and pot shops essential and more important. Stay in your safe space until they make a bubbel suit for you to go outside.

  4. Dan Brady siding with the dems instead of standing up for one of his own….enough is enough, either put a “D” behind your name or move on.

  5. The brownshirts are far more serious than the virus. It never occurred to me over the many decades that one day I would become an anarchist.

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