The County vote sets up the November Election

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Board is meeting at 5:30 next Thursday to vote on supporting the HOI re-open plan.

The purpose of the shutdown was to “bend the curve”.  There was no “curve” locally but the destruction to the lives of McLean County residents has been beyond measurable.

Democrats want to take over the Board in November.  Watch how the current crop votes.  Will they be voting to protect your rights or run your life?

Ditto for Republicans.  I hear two are considering voting against the proposal.  They are under the misguided perception that government exists to “protect” you.

Those who vote NO need educated on “the consent of the governed”.  Those up for election in November need removed.  If every Democrat votes NO it will prove Democrats want to rule instead of govern.  McLean County needs re-opened now, not when government thinks it’s “safe”.

Today’s vote will prove which elected officials (and party) think they need to run your life because you aren’t smart enough.

I will be watching.



8 thoughts on “The County vote sets up the November Election

  1. Meantime, the McLean County Board is waiting for input from the county’s health board before deciding whether to adopt the so-called Restore Heart of Illinois (HOI) plan to open area businesses, which proposes to reopen businesses at a faster pace than recommendations from Gov. JB Pritzker.

    The McLean County Board of Health will debate the issue Thursday at 5:30 p.m., and the full county board will meet again in special session a week later to presumably take final action, on May 28 at 5:30 p.m

    This must be something different then? Taken from:


      1. I am being too big of pain in butt, time to move on. Press release on 3rd line of heading shows Thursday May 28 5:30pm. Also indicates same in text of the release.


  2. Thanks to Pritzker we get the opportunity to be jailed in our own home. Supposably those in real jails have a problem with knowing what day/date it is. Now those of us who have never seen the inside of a jail get to see this curiosity first hand. Maybe 28th just as well. This could allow changes due to sessions this week in Springfield and maybe legal boundaries as set by the court system in this week’s cases. Probably hoping too much.

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