Mayors defying Pritzker, where are Renner and Koos?

By: Diane Benjamin

List of mayors who have announced they will not enforce Pritzker’s illegal ban on in-door dining:

Libertyville, Orland Park, Morton Grove, Itasca, East Peoria, Springfield

We don’t live in a dictatorship even though Pritzker has anointed himself one. Many courts have ruled against him, yet he continues to fail basic government: Call the legislature back in session so the people we elected have a voice in decisions. Make them pass Pritzker’s draconian shut-down orders. Pritzker has no authority but keeps pretending he does.

According to the Illinois Restaurant Association, 5000 eateries across Illinois have already closed permanently. Many more may be forced to go out of business because they are in Pritzker’s bulls-eye without any proof COVID cases originate in restaurants. They are merely easy targets.

Complying with whatever porky spews has nothing to do with safety. Obviously laws don’t matter when pretending to keep people safe. Meanwhile big businesses are experiencing the greatest ever transfer of wealth to them because they have never been shut down. The virus obviously isn’t spread at Walmart! COVID must be arriving here on Wednesday since that’s the day chubby picked. Until then restaurants are perfectly safe.

If Renner and Koos want to prove they aren’t anti-business, they would announce police will not enforce Pritzker’s illegal orders.

I predict they won’t. They are both democrats who believe in authoritarian government. Kneel serfs. Voting Democrat tomorrow? Why?

8 thoughts on “Mayors defying Pritzker, where are Renner and Koos?

  1. Also keep in mind, Koos and Co. are still holding out for State funding for the Underpass. They won’t step on Porkys toes when there’s still money to be handed out.

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  2. It’s amazing that a community that prides itself on having the highest per capita number of restaurants (as if that’s some sort of economic achievement) is not willing to stand up to the authoritarian practices of a governor whose actions have already been ruled unconstitutional by multiple courts of law. Koos and Renner would rather watch businesses and their community-at-large suffer than disagree with their own political party. This is alarming, to say the least.

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  3. Any chance the Chamber of Commerce will grow a spine? Or, are they worried that they won’t get taxpayer-funded advertisements for Connect Transit and Uptown in their newsletter if they speak in opposition to the local monarchy? How about the EDC? Are they waiting by the phone for Rivian to announce they’ve mass-produced an automobile?

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  4. Problem with the TWO mayors, is they do “selective math” when it’s money THEY want, they hire consultants, when it’s the “minuscule numbers” of covid vs how many were attributed to nursing homes and the testing numbers, they blow then into the quadrillions, better then ANY supernova could!
    GREAT photo of ole J.B. also.. Too bad we can’t find one of Lenin and Hitler for the mayors.


  5. It is up to we the people in circumstances like this to utterly defy unconstitutional mandates. If you are paying attention, ALL democrat governors are issuing the same edicts for exactly the same time (the day after the election) along with some other countries (the UK and France). If this doesn’t convince you that this is a coordinated globalist “reset” plot — with nothing whatsoever to do with any virus — then nothing will. The time to push back is NOW.

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    1. Correcto mundo. As Heels Harris said this weekend, it’s not about equality it’s about “equal outcomes”. Communism anyone…anyone?


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