Want to lower the positivity rate?

By: Diane Benjamin

Who is currently being tested for COVID? Lots of people who think they might have it and people scheduled for surgery surgery.

Of course testing sick people means the percent positive goes up. Decisions based on testing mostly people who think they might have COVID isn’t science!

If mostly sick people are getting tested, and less than 10% of them are positive, McLean County has a COVID problem?

Science isn’t shutting down in-door dining. The Health Department isn’t shutting down in-door dining.

Your Democrat Dictator Governor is!

Here’s the plan to thwart Pritzker’s illegal executive orders:

Go get tested. You don’t have to have symptoms. The positivity rate will fall when people without COVID are tested.


The McLean County Health Department website said positivity rate as of 10/31 was 6.1%, so if 100 people were tested 6 had COVID.

As of 11/1 the rate has dropped to 5.1%, 5 out of 100.

Attorney Tom Devore, the guy who sues Pritzker and defends businesses, posted this yesterday on Facebook:

We know who is at the most risk. We know how to take precautions.

Shut downs don’t work but they do put your friends and neighbors out of work. Look at the numbers. Is destroying the local economy worth it?

The elderly need to protect themselves. The rest of us can’t let government shut down our lives. The chances of dying for anyone under 70 are miniscule. The chances of government putting mom and pop out of business is vastly higher.

Go get tested, positivity rate will fall below 1%.

There is ZERO reason to shut down local in-door dining. #Resist.






8 thoughts on “Want to lower the positivity rate?

  1. Our household has never been tested. Why? Because here, if you don’t have symptoms, you are INELIGIBLE to be tested. That means the results are skewered. We are over 70 years old, which would seem to me to be the obvious target for testing first, symptoms or not. All part of the plan to keep us locked down.

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  2. I’ve got a much easier and faster idea. First: do not comply. Second: declare anyone who tries to enforce these unconstitutional orders a traitor, an enemy domestic, and deal with them accordingly.


  3. The only reason to shut down is to support Joe Biden’s running mate – Covid 19

    What does the governor have to say about the place that half of all the deaths have occurred?
    Nursing Homes.

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