I wonder if this teacher still has a job?

By: Diane Benjamin

Other countries and even some states aren’t abusing their kids with masks. This teacher has it right, the abuse isn’t going to end until we all demand it! The local positivity rate was down to 3.6% as of two days ago – it hasn’t been updated since. Note how many people under 20 have died – that would be ZERO: https://health.mcleancountyil.gov/708/CORONAVIRUS-COVID-19

9 thoughts on “I wonder if this teacher still has a job?

  1. Well, we should be inclusive and understand everyone’s lived experience is their truth, right?
    Oh wait, that depends on your skin color. Maybe this particular teacher should just shut up?

    “What a tangled web we weave when at first we start to deceive.”

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  2. Teachers are supposed to help kids be smarter. Masking does the opposite by inhibiting their natural breathing and focus. Lack of communication without facial expressions. It’s full out stupid.

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  3. The Covid-Crazy is real. I still know many people, who one would THINK should know better, who still act as if the Rona is an automatic death sentence to whoever contracts it. The same ones believe that the mask is the magic force field that stops the virus from escaping the disease ridden human and also stops it from entering the other human – COMPLETELY! It’s an old adage, but “You can’t fix stupid”. These people have become stupid through the 24/7 propaganda that has stopped them from even acknowledging, let alone assimilating any facts that are counter to their programming .
    I am thinking that this teacher has likely received at the least a very stern warning and steps to reprogram her so that she will get in step have been applied.

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    1. And if masks stop virus spread as they say that they do, why can’t they just strap their own kids in masks and quit bothering everyone else. Everyone would be happy then, right?

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  4. WOW! Common sense! I bet this lady is a GREAT teacher AND respected by her students. That’s rare these days..
    IF masks work so well, let’s send a few hundred thousand to Africa, India, etc, and tell THEM to WAIT on the vaccine…
    Pritzker is just a plain IDIOT AND a control monger! Wonder how his daughters and wife are doing in FL at the horse ranch????

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    1. I’m sure much better without him than with him, and you know as well as I do all they do is ride the horses and pet the horses, the servants do the heavy lifting.


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