The effects of SB818 – Sex Ed

By: Diane Benjamin

The below is from an email I received by FOIA from Unit 5. It is a recap sent to all staff of the June School Board meeting:

Unit 5 is saying SB818 only affects grades 6-12. The recap does says Erin’s law is taught below 6th grade:

See the YWCA instruction here, it covers more than prevention if Unit 5 chooses to include it:

What are the National Sex Education Standards? You can see them here – Grade 6 starts on PDF page 26:

The worst part of SB818 is it doesn’t teach the values of parents, it teaches the values of those with their own values. The standards get progressively worse as your child gets older.

Parents need to know what their children will be taught. Take the time to read the document!

Remember, you can opt their kids out!

2 thoughts on “The effects of SB818 – Sex Ed

  1. The YWCA lost it’s soul many years ago. It decided to forego its mission of promoting physical health based on Judeo-Christian values in favor of becoming a far left political organization run by men-hating women. Its only purpose now is to promote far- left agendas and stoke the flames of gender and racial divide. If you do not agree with them politically, count on being ostracized.

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  2. As for sex. I believe that Simon & Garfunkel back in the 60’s put it best!
    “Most of all you got to hide it from the KIDS”
    Yes, some youngsters grow up in households that don’t HIDE anything, but IF a child isn’t aware, then keep them innocent or let them ask their parents. It’s NOT the schools job…. As different children have different levels of WHERE they are at. Just keep them informed! DON’T be giving them condoms and an a chart to keep track of ovulation!


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