Unit 5 and MCHD ignore science!

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story: https://blnnews.com/2021/08/30/schools-cant-quarantine-your-kids/

Unit 5 wants a student who isn’t sick banned from the attending school for 14 days.

Her crime was being within 3 feet of a student who tested positive for COVID.

Everyone in the school is required to wear masks. The masks supposedly protect people against COVID molecules in the air.

Unit 5 does not believe masks work or only sick kids would be quarantined.

The teacher who reported the healthy girl should be embarrassed. She must be afraid of her own shadow if she thinks healthy kids are a threat to her class.

If masks don’t work, quit requiring them.

If masks do work, quit quarantining healthy kids because you think they might get sick.

Unit 5 proves educating kids is last on the list, they prefer none attend.

What is District 87’s policy? They claim they follow whatever IDPH states: https://www.district87.org/cms/lib/IL02212106/Centricity/ModuleInstance/15537/Safety%20Mitigation%20Plan%20August%204%202021.docx.pdf

From IDPH: https://dph.illinois.gov/covid19/schoolfaqs

Unit 5 isn’t following the science!

IDPH does not require quarantine if all involved were wearing masks!

The McLean County Health Department isn’t following the science either. Did they not read what IDPH writes?

IDPH = Illinois Department of Public Health. They are the agency MCHD looks to for guidance, evidently only when they feel like it.

Is District 87 quarantining students? Parents?

17 thoughts on “Unit 5 and MCHD ignore science!

    1. Unit5 mentioned that they’ve added additional ventilation and… I’m not sure it was filtering exactly, but some sort of air-cleaning designed to drastically reduce airborne pathogens. Not sure if that was all schools or know about other districts, but it hasn’t been completely overlooked.

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  1. Unit 5 school board needs to be re-organized with people with common sense. There is more COVID virus on the other parts of the body besides the mouth & nose. Does it make sense to quarantine a healthy child & let an infected child run loose? Ron 


  2. Even if your school goes to the trouble of getting a health department note and court order, _Make_Them_Do_So_!_
    Don’t just roll over – that’s what power-hungry officials are counting on! When they have to explain why their lawyer has to visit every single school every single day and they have to hire additional staff just to handle court cases when the whole situation could instead be resolved just by doing what’s right by the kids, maybe they (or the voting public) will wake up and take notice!


  3. It was never about science to the American hating Deep State DEMONcrats it’s always been about corrupt dirty politics designed to destroy our Freedom and Liberty in the guise of Health and Safety!!!

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  4. How about we do it this way? All students who insist on wearing a mask, or are told by their parents they must wear a mask to *feel* safe at school – STAY HOME. Let everyone else go to school.

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  5. Is it a civil rights violation to force everyone to wear a mask or is it a civil rights violation to allow the individual to decide?
    Dept of Education today says its the later.


  6. More importantly, why aren’t Unit 5 flags at half-mast? I guess it doesn’t matter than 13 brave Americans were killed by this “president” most of them voted for. I called the Superintendent number and left her a message. Unreal what we are putting up with from these radicals!

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  7. Welcome to Covid Clown World where the narrative is constantly changing, where propaganda is called “following the science”, where liberty is being crushed, and where the medical system has been hijacked to achieve the depopulation agenda of the elites who despise the peeons. What else should we expect from a group of people who don’t believe in God, but believe they are God?

    A word of caution: Be very careful which medical interventions you agree to, as they may be used to exterminate you. Watch the video below for details:


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    1. It is Covid Clown World, but it’s not much fun, more like a Dark Carnival of Death – Also, in the medical ring of this 3 ring circus, you’ll see any medical professional who stands up and counters the narrative immediately silenced, degraded, destroyed, censored and shut down, sometimes even killed – yes, it’s been happening for a good while. Do some real research and learn the stuff “they” don’t spoon feed you, it’s pretty scary though so make sure you are ready. Also don’t go down one of the decoy paths that leads to totally outlandish conclusions without any real info to it back up. I think at least some of those are done by the dark side to be honest in another attempt to make those who oppose them look foolish.

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