Schools can’t quarantine your kids!

8:45 am update – Unit 5 sent the child home. Obviously the Health Department and Unit 5 know masks don’t prevent spreading COVID. It’s child abuse!

By: Diane Benjamin

Some people want to pretend they can take away your rights whenever they feel like it. They can’t if you don’t allow them to.

State workers: You can not be forced to get the vaccination to keep your job. It violates the Illinois Constitution:

Unit 5 thinks it has the right to say your child can’t attend school if they had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID. They are asking for your voluntary compliance. You don’t have to comply. The request will state VOLUNTARY because they don’t have the authority in the law to demand it.

Remember when the sick were quarantined instead of the healthy?

The law is not on Unit 5’s side. Last Thursday (8/26) a family received a VOLUNTARY quarantine request for their daughter – 14 days. She is not sick and shows no symptoms of COVID. She was traced as being in “close contact” with another girl who tested positive. Their healthy child was driven home by a stranger to an empty house, the parents were not in town when the school contacted them. She is in Junior High.

The parents sent Unit 5 a notice that they will not voluntarily comply. The details below sounds like no parents have refused to comply before!

On Saturday a conference call was held between the McLean County Health Department, the State’s Attorney, and the parents. On Sunday (8/29) the Health Department issued a quarantine order retroactive to August 25th.

That quarantine order was worthless as soon as it was signed. According to Illinois law a quarantine order by the Health Department is only good for 48 hours, it expired before it was sent to the parents yesterday! I’d like to hear them explain to a judge how a retroactive order is valid! Note the law below, it doesn’t say 48 hours excluding weekends. An emergency order could have been obtained.

August 25th was last Wednesday. It certainly expired by Saturday, the Health Department could have obtained an emergency court order on Thursday of Friday, they didn’t. They would need to convince a judge the quarantine is medically necessary. Since the child isn’t sick, on what grounds would a judge approve taking away the child’s freedom? The Health department doesn’t have any grounds!

The statement below is in the quarantine order that wasn’t issued until yesterday – AUGUST 29th:

I’d like to see to Health Department explain to a judge why the order started on August 25th but wasn’t sent to the parents until August 29th.

48 hours to get a court order expired last week. The child is still not sick. The parents ARE sending her to school today. If Unit 5 sends her home the fun is going to begin!

Parents have rights and so do your children. Quit complying with the 14 day nonsense. Students are already behind because of little instruction last year. If your kids are sick keep them home, if they aren’t they need to be in school.

Refuse to be bullied parents!

Two emails are below trying to do just that. (Superintendent and Unit 5 attorney) I redacted the parent’s names at their request and the teacher. Both believe they have authority they don’t.

15 thoughts on “Schools can’t quarantine your kids!

  1. Countdown to school closings.

    Their absolutely false reliance on masks to protect from exposure, and their insistence that no child can be exposed, make it IMPOSSIBLE to have public schooling ANYMORE.

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    1. Well, if they can’t have “real” school that means our property taxes go way down right? Oh, no? It won’t work like that? Why not? Aren’t those taxes for education? This reminds me of the little lamb friend of mine who told me all of this van end when people stop getting sick. These people are beyond belief. I pray that these parents are successful in their pushback, these bullies have to be stopped. On the other hand, being in public school right now is actually very unhealthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually so maybe all who CAN should just withdraw their kids now. I can dream can’t I? OH and reminder – the tests are still flawed, they still give false positives.

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  2. There is not remote learning this year. If your child is in quarantine they get no instruction from any teacher. They get slides and homework. They are forced to miss exams. They miss fellowship with friends. Very sad. Already behind going into the year. This doesn’t help.

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  3. It says this child was transported home by a stranger to an empty house. How is the legal? Who transported her? Was she the only person the car/van/bus with only the driver? How is this not criminal or at the least unethical for the school to do this?

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    1. It’s not legal. Age in Illinois to be home alone is 14. They can be home alone for short periods of time if the physical and mental health is cared for.

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  4. @Steve, what’s your problem do have something up your butt that doesn’t belong there so it then comes out your mouth? Has the vaccine affected your logical head?

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