COVID Emergency!

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday around 3:30 I tried to call two communications people at the Town of Normal. Both were out of the office. Friday’s must be get out early day.

I wanted to know if masks are required at the Sweetcorn Circus. Pritzker’s latest attack on freedom to breath doesn’t go into effect until Monday.

Real EMERGENCY folks!

COVID will only get serious enough for masks after Sunday. Weekend activities aren’t dangerous.

Remind anyone of Lollapalooza? Restrictions went into effect the day after in Chicago, but 385,000 people packed together wasn’t a problem:

The event was 7/29, by 8/18 only 203 cases were traced to the event.

Figure out we are being played yet?

What are office hours in Normal?

17 thoughts on “COVID Emergency!

  1. What do they care. My tax dollars pay their salaries. Overpaid mostly unnecessary jobs by mostly unqualified people. The private sector can’t afford to do this but bloated government can. Smdh.

  2. I had a similar thing happen to me this week at the “self service” electronic recycling garage. I pulled into the circle driveway of the electronics recycling garage at 1:29pm and the garage door was already shut and locked up for the day. Really disappointing that they closed early because I do not live close-by the Normal electronics recycle location.

    Seems as though the Town of Normal doesn’t want to be bothered by the citizens!

    They DID manage to have the time send me a property tax bill with an increase of 116% increase value.
    I think the message is = SEND US YOUR MONEY and DON’T BOTHER US!!


      I could kind of go for that if the favor was returned – we’ll pay our ridiculous taxes and fees and the like (within some sort of reason) just LEAVE US ALONE! I honestly can not think of ONE time where I was glad we had a city government. I do appreciate the fire and police but that could even be done on a private sector basis. It’s actually quite sobering indeed when you sit and really think of how useless most city government really is and then look at how much of it there is. Then when you know how much they get paid, the truly sick feeling sets in.

  3. Are there any local groups planning peaceful protests to tyrant Prickster’s mask mandate? I’m fed up with the covid nonsense and the ignorant mask wearing ppl who think someone not wearing a mask is a health threat to them. They are wearing a mask, and Fauci says masks work (when he’s not flip flopping), so what’s the problem? Why doesn’t your mask work, if I’m not wearing a mask??? Is that like your condom won’t work unless everyone around you is also wearing a condom??? I want to protest, but I want to do it with others in a show of solidarity.

    I’m very disappointed that most churches are not pushing back on this tyranny. It’s blatantly obvious these unlawful mandates are a precursor to mandating the mark of the beast. Are church leaders blind???

    1. I too would LOVE to know. I am NOT dealing with this yet again, I kowtowed a few times just so I could buy food by stuicking a mask on my chin but also went farther down south where they weren’t so Marxist/Maskist sometimes too. Meekly masking up empowers them to inflict even more restrictions at will. I THINK they are trying to completely break small businesses I HOPE these owners fight back by not obeying the king’s edicts, and a show of resistance by large groups of people I believe WOULD help.

  4. The only way this changes is for elected politicians to vote to stop this unchecked power. Every level of government has the ability to say no…city council, county boards, school boards, state reps, etc. Call elected officials if you really want change. Politicians have already demonstrated that protests and petitions will be ignored.

    Take note of the elected officials who are pushing back vs. those who support Pritzker having unchecked power or sit on the sideline.

      1. There HAS to be a way to prevent that Pig from using money to get his whims catered to. Actually I hate to use pigs as something to compare him to, pigs are actually decent animals and far above JB Pritzker. I know I would give a pig food and shelter long before I would give him food and shelter.

  5. “I thinks all 500 pounds of him qualifies him to rule”

    Is that how we do it in Illinois now? The fattest richest bully wins?

      1. I do mock them whenever I can, I REALLY have to start watching myself I’m doing it more and more. They HATE being mocked despite their smug air that they try to maintain.

  6. “They” are trying to destroy small business, worse yet the country. What other path could they be on? Since their effort to take the guns away continue to falter, scare tactics and medical tyranny is their plan.

  7. Did you see all the people wearing masks and standing socially distant at the Uptown Normal Corn Circus? Yeah, me neither. These sociopaths that run the Town of Normal are next level.

    1. But now, are people going to REALLY disobey and defy this newest “mandate”? Are enough businesses going to say “stuff this nonsense” and let people in without a face rag? Are people REALLY going to not go anywhere they demand the face covering? Are people going to boldly and determinedly walk past the face rag checkpoint at the entrance to all of the big stores? I am sooooo sick of even people I used to think were at least a little defiant bowing right down and justifying these face coverings. – As I have mentioned before I knew from day one that the mask was the visible sign of compliance and when they see so many dutifully wearing their face rag then they know they can rev up it up anytime they want. You can’t even show them actual reality of the efficiency of these stupid masks against the Wu-Flu (or any Corona virus) they just blink at you and say they don’t mind wearing a mask because it protects others even though you have just shown them that masks are NOT effective, and even remind them that their precious Fraudci even said masks were not effective, at FIRST. If you show them the 10% study then they say “Well that’s at least 10%” and start thinking about what fashion mask they will wear tomorrow, because they believe in SCIENCE…..(but only the science approved by their leftist/globalist masters and the evil Earls of medical tyranny)

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