Renner is a hypocrite, Normal too

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner tested positive for COVID. He stated himself Monday night he had symptoms for 13 days. So far reports to me have him going to a local restaurant and a grocery story WITH symptoms. Don’t forget his dancing antics without a mask too.

What are citizens going to tolerate?

Is the Health Department going to issue a statement?

A Mayor can expose people for 13 days without being called a villain? What about safety?

Tari can be a super-spreader with no consequences but he hands out fines like candy to those who violate edicts!

We are being tested to see how much government can get by with in the name of safety.

Normal: Please explain why you need an ordinance to enforce laws.

Obviously because edicts aren’t laws or you wouldn’t need an ordinance!

Watch Karyn Smith ask questions of Town Attorney Brian Day last Monday night. It starts at 6:49. Day convinces her Pritzker edicts are law. Karyn has been a major disappointment. Instead of thinking for herself she believes whatever she is told. She started off well after elected and then got swallowed by the swamp. At least she bumped RC McBride off the council.

Tari Renner’s attacks through the Liquor Commission on businesses just trying to survive while he exposes many people to COVID himself means he is a hypocrite.

Anyone on the Normal Town Council who votes for an ordnance attacking small businesses proves they are tyrants. There is NO proof a restaurant practicing social distancing and wearing masks spread COVID. Meanwhile Mayor Tari Renner likely did!

Obviously our local public servants are anything but public servants. They rule, not govern.

7 thoughts on “Renner is a hypocrite, Normal too

  1. Lol Diane, noting that Renner is a hypocrite is too kind. Whenever I (unfortunately) might think of Renner the term I most often associate with him begins with an “A” with an assortment of other preceding adjectives, many times followed with more adjectives of which can be x rated at times. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  2. We should take “symptoms” with caution. Often, COVID symptoms can mimic other viral illness, and in the absence of certain symptoms, a mask is reasonable. I’d be careful to put too much clout into reports or otherwise.

  3. And WGLT also PLAIN OUT LIES for mr TARI, as this a.m. on the 5 O’Clock news, this was reported and TARI told them “HE WEARS A MASK” ENOUGH LYING TARI!

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