Koos legacy will be tyranny

By: Diane Benjamin

If the massive debt and failure to listen to citizens isn’t bad enough, ISU students will remember Mayor Chris Koos thinks he’s a doctor with the right to spew edicts that must be obeyed.

He doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop him or the compliant businesses owners terrified of this tyrant.

Only the Health Department has the right to shut down any business or part of a business and they can’t do it without a court order. Believe it or not we do still live in America where citizens have “Due Process” rights.

The ISU students at The Lodge on Willows aren’t taking the shut down of common areas lying down: https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/local-news/normal-mayor-chris-koos-cracks-down-on-large-off-campus-gatherings-students-fight-back/

Good for them, they paid big bucks for amenities they deserve to use or get a refund.

Yes they are the ones spreading COVID. Shutting down their common areas will mean they just gather elsewhere. Young people aren’t going to sit in their rooms forever. The rest of us are safer if they stay on campus. Koos’s tyranny means they won’t. On the bright side, they are creating herd immunity.

Maybe they will congregate in Koos’s beloved Uptown. I suggest around City Hall.






8 thoughts on “Koos legacy will be tyranny

  1. It is nice to see that in spite of the communist propaganda pounded into them by leftist teachers and professors that the students still have some good old American rebellion against unjust authority left in them.

    They are not content to be another brick in the Koos Wall!

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  2. Excellent song! Excellent video! “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone.”
    AIn’t it the truth?
    Then there’s that Alice Cooper song, “Schools out for summer. School’s been blown to pieces!”

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  3. My girlfriend worked for ISU for 10 or so years, and I have no problem saying that I have prayed for ISU to burn to the ground every day since she left there. If it does burn, then I will be one of the first to throw a party in celebration.

    P.S. – At least they renamed the each floor of Watterson, so as not to appear racist. I wonder how well that bit of pandering worked?


  4. The mayor better think long and hard before he declares himself emperor and starts issuing edicts. He might just find some “protestors” in front of his house and at his bike store. The sword cuts both ways.

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    1. Behind every socialist elite is a generalissimo yearning to rule the unwashed multitudes with an iron fist.

      Yes, it is about time that the Citizens who employ Generalissimo Koos and Renner start showing up at their homes and work, to tell them EXACTLY what they think of their unconstitutional undemocratic actions and policies.

      We are the descendants of rebels. It is time to start rebelling against these communists and their brown shirt supporters.

      Notice to Reich Minister Reece and the Decatur Loser:

      You are history if we sweep the current crop of fools and communists out-of-office in the next election. So you might want to get your resume tuned up. The people who pay your salary want you both GONE from our government.

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