Bloomington: Did the Council just screw you?

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner attended the Township meeting held before the Council met at 6:00, but then left claiming he had an appointment. Maybe he didn’t want to discuss a mandatory mask ordinance. Several on the Council would jump at the chance to enforce draconian rules when we know where all the new cases are coming from.

This item was on the agenda:

See number 16.

The Council has never that I remember held an Executive Sessions and then came back and voted on an item they discussed in secret.

Anybody know what Case No. 17-L-133 is? There is NO documentation included in the packet.

The only reason to do this is to hope you don’t notice!

Without a hint of discussion Scott Black made a motion to authorize Release and Dismissal of all claims connected to the case against CIAM, BMI, and John Butler.

Of course this is tied to Butler’s upcoming plea bargain, it might be happening today . We can only hope repaying hundreds of thousands of dollars is part of it.

The Coliseum is the gift that keeps on fleecing. No one at the City will ever be held accountable for not doing their job. David Hales will never testify as to why he ignored the obvious signs of trouble.

Below is video of when they came back into session. Scott Black jumped at a motion, the vote was 9-0 to approve. Note the whole thing took a little over 1 minute.

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