Bloomington Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin


  • the Coliseum the citizens didn’t want?
  • the first manager and some staff were arrested for stealing your money?
  • the second management company couldn’t meet expectations?
  • the disaster it has been for taxpayers?

I hear it has a new manager: Jim Karch. (Demoted Former head of Public Works)

Maybe the City Manager will explain tonight.

On the Agenda:

Not much business tonight.

Water rates will go up, this study will be blamed:

The Council will be holding an Executive Session, Gleason’s raise must still be up for debate:

Maybe Tari will apologize again for violating his own rules.

The original Facebook post showed ISU President Larry Dietz at the same restaurant – no mask:

17 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight

  1. Nice pic. So RobDobs is exempt from wearing masks. And the Renner kool kids are exempt from wearing masks as well. See how that works? Demonrats: deceive to achieve.

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  2. Deeply disappointed by Deitz.

    Doing exactly as I expect of Renner.

    I’d urge them to sell the BCPA and the Coliseum, but I know no business-savvy private enterprise would pay anything but pennies on the dollar for the money pits.

    And why in the hell does it take $291,000 to “study” whether or not we need higher water prices?

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    1. Why would you or anyone be disappointed by Dietz’ behavior? He is just as arrogant and full of himself as the rest of the elitists in this town. He has no intention of following the same rules he would dole out to staff and students. University and college presidents are the same wherever you go. All fundraisers with a doctorate in something that is usually not that important. Higher education is the biggest fraud going these days.

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    2. YES!!! Please sell off the BCPA and the Coliseum ASAP! It doesn’t matter the selling price – let’s assume the sale is a loss, but at least it would remove the burden from us tax payers!!


  3. Another expensive worthless study which will probably say to raise the water rates. So save the taxpayers some money and just go ahead and raise the rates without paying for a study to justify what the city would do anyway.

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  4. Who is Dietz talking to? Looks like her majesty Queen Pamela. I thought they hung out at the BCC with the Queen mum Sonja.


  5. See what happened in Kenosha yesterday? All according to the democrat game plan. Look for the same setup to be attempted here. Any town or city run by a democrat is in line to be destroyed. Look for it.


  6. One gets the sense that the amateur photographer infiltrated a meeting of the local elitist clique that controls the community. Beyond the blatant hypocrisy of Renner, Deitz, Reece, et al, I wonder what central planning strategies were being discussed at this event. You can’t tell me that it’s a coincidence that these people just happened to all be out at the same restaurant and bar, same day and time.

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  7. AMAZING! just totally amazing that the council and mayor /manager are so damn BRAIN DEAD that THEY cannot figure out SIMPLE economics! “Meanwhile Nero dances at Bozos bar”
    OK council. It IS time for YOU to STEP UP and take the LEAD and be REPRESENTATIVES of the CITIZENS of B/N and NOT let whoever funds these dumb assed “studies” What the HELL do they tell you anyway? If they are SO damn SMART, get a STUDY on WHAT the stock market is going to do in the NEXT 2 years, and YES! I”ll PAy higher taxes on a GOOD RETURN, to HELP the city. Otherwise, Go bye bye.


  8. Yes we have some real knuckleheads in leadership here. I have problems taking people who are this dumb seriously. The power brokers and elites here are just a complete joke.

    So now they are gathering at the 4 million dollar Club Dob? Wonderful…

    As they drink and eat like Pharaohs at Club Dob, Bloomington-Normal is still having both of their main economic drivers disrupted.

    And this “leadership” we have appears to be clueless about this ongoing disruption?

    Or they just don’t care?

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