Renner: State the LAW

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner started last night’s meeting with a Small Business Saturday proclamation. I wonder how he explains reports on social media of the POLICE being used to close down restaurants in town that refused to stop in-door dining. (Possibly more on that one in the future) Reports are the police told the diners to leave or there would be consequences. What consequences?

Later in the meeting Renner accused Don Knapp again of blocking enforcement by the Health Department. Obviously Renner has no idea how laws work. If any establishments are still letting people inside and the police show up, make them state what LAW is being violated. “Public Safety” doesn’t void the Constitution regardless of Renner’s beliefs. Bullying does nothing to promote good relations between the police and citizens.

At the beginning of the meeting Renner wants you to shop local, even though the City staff heavily uses Amazon. At the end of the meeting he makes clear he wants you and businesses that allow indoor dining prosecuted.

Keep it up Tari, soon there won’t be any place to in-door dine. They’ve had close to 9 months of government targeting them. Contrary to what Renner Democrats think, business owners don’t have piles of cash in the back room.

Look at the stats, it’s easy to see 20-somethings get COVID far more often than other age groups. If you are over 60 the solution is easy: Stay away from the 20-somethings:

49 deaths out of 7673 cases! The death rate is miniscule!

Comments claiming I don’t care about people dying will be deleted.

Tari wants violations reported to the Health Department or the City Legal Department. He left off dialing 911.

See a clip of Tari’s spiel:

6 thoughts on “Renner: State the LAW

  1. Tari wants us to shop local but over the past month, I watched Ace Sign Co. from Springfield install the new wayfinding sign around downtown. Local must not be good enough when it comes to downtown.

  2. So if I’m hearing this correctly, the little communist mayor is urging people to snitch. “Complaints.” Sickening. When this whole COVID plot unravels – and it is indeed a plot as we shall soon see – all of Renner’s communications, both official and personal accounts, need to be seized.

  3. As Joe Biden says, He’ll go down as the biggest disgrace to the office! Yes you will Tari!
    ANY smart mayor would KNOW where his money base comes from, and as a Poly Sci wiz, he SHOULD KNOW that it sure as hell ain’t the welfare folks that pay his wages and fix the streets!!
    Too bad he uses the police to be his pawns!

  4. ATT: Tari Renner and King Koos. Check out these tweets from the head of the World Health Organization. Just wanted to let you know that once again the conspiracy theorists more correcty described as informational analysts were right again and you and your man crush have been played. You are not apart of the big boys club and you never will be. If the big boys get their way, you two will be cast into the same pool of with the rest of us that know that you failed your oath of office to the Constitution and are therefore traitors to the people. Good luck with that.

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