2 things for Bloomington residents

By: Diane Benjamin

From Facebook:


The Dobskis should sue Jeff Crabill for defamation. Executive Order’s aren’t law Mr. Attorney. You should know that:


Quit being the SILENT MAJORITY! Hundreds of “them”, TENS of THOUSANDS of YOU!

12 thoughts on “2 things for Bloomington residents

  1. Crabill is full of it…I drive through town around that time M-F when I get off work. There are a few cars in parking lots but not enough to let anyone assume they’re “open” and “breaking the law”. Who cares? Those of us that want to go out and business allows it up to us…those that want to stay home with their masks on can stay home. They can also drive around town on their car (with their mask on) staking out businesses “breaking the law”

  2. Crabill knows that the Dobskis tend to be more conservative and are active members of their church. He’s clearly making a political target out of them. I’m sure he accounted for all other variables in his analysis. Haha! Sonny, meanwhile, is being Sonny. The special interest SJW woke mob is inching closer to taking over local government completely. In most of the country, the SJW and woke mobs have been shown the exit, and their day in the sun has ended. Hear in Bloomington, few have the guts to stand up to this mob mentality. It has been shown that once you stand up to the SJW woke mob they usually back down. If, however, you try to appease them or attempt a compromise solution, they will only ramp up their rhetoric and targeting. Hope Mathy stands up for himself and his constituents…you know, the citizens that work hard, obey the rule of law, and just ask the government to leave them alone.

  3. It is a shame when public officials shame and harass businesses and people who have a different opinion. Craybill claims he is for diversity and inclusion, his actions show he supports diversity and inclusion only if it aligns with his views. This is the hypocrisy of the Democrat party.

  4. Just sent Mr. Mathy an email voicing my opinion which was Hell No! Of course it was very civil but let him that it would be opening a Pandora’s box of crap and we don’t need any more of that.
    By the way Diane, which voting machines are we using here in BloNo? Do we know?

  5. Dobskis have supported the liberal cause in the past and are most likely, “owed.” Conservative? Only when looking out for the Dobskis. Just the same, in this instance I do not begrudge them for defying the next Illinois governor reserving his stay in prison. The control-la-virus lockdown is the precurser for more grief to come if Trump isn’t seated as the rightful POTUS come January 20th.

    1. Stanley: I agree totally. The Dobski’s are Chicago opportunists that moved their act from Chiraq to BN. Julie has been fooling the community for years as far as what she is and who she is while Bob’s god is money. That said, Crabill (another carpetbagger of the worst sort) enjoys causing trouble no matter what because he is still p.o. about getting his BVDs pulled up his arse in junior high. No woman wanted him so he had order a bride through the mail. All of them can go back where they came from anytime. BN would be better off without all of them.

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