District 87 and COVID

By: Diane Benjamin

All of the below is from a reader because District 87 isn’t making their policy public, even to parents. One would think more than a year into the lockdowns and refusing to hold regular in person classes for many months, a policy would be in effect to make sure students aren’t losing out on an education.

Keep in mind District 87 kids are falling far behind other area kids that have in person classes 5 days a week without problems.

Here are the facts presented to me, I’m leaving out (or slightly changing) some identifying items on purpose:

A family has 3 kids at District 87. Mom tested positive for COVID, a few days later the youngest child did. The child has no symptoms, mom’s are mild.

This child can’t attend in person for 10 days. But there are two older siblings who can’t attend for two weeks in case they get it. One of them was told there is no space available in virtual classes, that child is getting 3-4 hours a week of teacher face time, lessons are dropped off on the families porch. Evidently parents can teach because District 87 said they can.

The other child signed on to virtual learning one day but the teacher never showed up. District 87 will not allow the results of an anti-bodies test for the older children who might have already had it with no symptoms so they can return to school.

It gets better. If either of the older children test positive in the next 2 weeks another 10 days will be added to the time they can’t attend. They could both be under-educated for up to 3 weeks in addition to all the time lost last year and this. They have a May return date, right before school is out for summer.

If educating kids was the first priority for District 87, why after a more than a year haven’t they figured out how to do it?

Why are your kids still in public schools? Don’t expect a property tax refund, District 87 still needs your money. If you can’t afford private schools, homeschool or sign your kids up for on-line free public education. Kids only get one chance at an education!





8 thoughts on “District 87 and COVID

  1. UNREAL!!

    With regard to the lack of education being provided:
    Uneducated individuals are easier to manipulate AND more likely to be dependent on the government.

    Time for parents to take their children’s education into their own hands and make sure their children are well educated and ready for life. There are many more educational options available now, than in the past.

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  2. This WHOLE covid crap is just that-CRAP! It drives one to the point of nausea, when EVERYDAy the news has numbers, charts, graphs, and all kinds of other nonsense about WHERE we stand. India just reported 350,000 cases in ONE DAY! Are all those folks now going to cease to exist-NO! MANY will live, some will pass-because of covid and other mitigating factors… Let’s get back to news reporting in the GOOD OLE DAYS! Hows the DOW DOING??


  3. Good! Be a good time to BUY! A friend of mine works closely with gold dealers and a number of them say that by the time BIDEN leaves office gold will be $5,000 an ounce. We’ll see…
    Getting back to covid, it’s made MANY people just plain LAZY, and I think that teachers are using it as an excuse to have an extended “summer vacation”..

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  4. Control-la virus. It’s all about controlling you. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has no place in the new world order. Resist and demand to be free!

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  5. This is exactly why D87 has decided NOT to have final exams this year. Everybody would know that D87 has failed in their duty to educate the students…..D87 can’t allow that to happen, can they?????

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